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Enlightening Pallet Industry is largest plastic pallet manufacture in China, We stock in excess of 160 different styles of plastic pallets, from lightweight and one-trip pallets, nestable and stacking plastic pallets, to hygienic plastic pallets for pharmaceutical use and heavy duty, multi use pallets, in both recycled and virgin materials.Different types of plastic for your choose,including rackable plastic pallet, stackable plastic pallets, food grade plastic pallet, folding plastic pallet boxes, plastic pallet bins etc, approved SGS test,export all over the world.

What Material Plastic Pallet Use?

Enlightening pallet made by different material, most plastic pallet material is virgin HDPE, for longlife heavy duty plastic pallet.Also have plastic pallet recycled material for one way export, recycled plastic pallet for transport and plastic pallet for storage.Manufacturers make plastic pallets from plastics that are non-porous, resistant to chemicals, degradation, corrosion, harsh temperatures, etc., and inhospitable environments for growing organisms. The two plastics with these characteristics that plastic manufacturers use most are PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene).Plastic pallets have nine evenly spaced legs or feet. These make them incredibly sturdy, which not only makes them useful, but makes them more useful than wooden pallets.

About Enlightening Plastic Pallet Types

Rackable plastic pallet
Rackable plastic pallet is suitable for warehouse rack use and 4 way forklift and manual jack,Rackable plastic pallets are designed with a bottom face or deck that allows unit loads to be safely stacked on top of each other in the case of stackable pallets, or safely edge racked in racking storage systems in the case of rackable pallets.
Food grade plastic pallet
Food grade plastic pallet is hygienic, Completely sealed with smooth surfaces, our hygienic plastic pallets are designed to meet the stringent requirements of food and pharmaceutical applications.
Stackable plastic pallet
Stackable plastic pallet is reversible plastic pallet, use for rice,flour,cement,sugar stacking.

What's plastic pallet production process?

Rackable plastic pallet is suitable for warehouse rack use and 4 way forklift and manual jack,Rackable plastic pallets are designed with a bottom face or deck that allows unit loads to be safely stacked on top of each other in the case of stackable pallets, or safely edge racked in racking storage systems in the case of rackable pallets.

food grade plastic pallet is hygienic, Completely sealed with smooth surfaces, our hygienic plastic pallets are designed to meet the stringent requirements of food and pharmaceutical applications.

stackable plastic pallet is reversible plastic pallet, use for rice,flour,cement,sugar stacking.

6 Benefits for Plastic Pallet

Solid plastic pallet is hygenic,Acid-proof alkali.
Plastic pallet with sides have 3 years quality assurance,if correctly use longlife more.
Economy plastic pallet four way entry for forklift & manufal jack.
Plastic pallets are far more durable
Plastic pallets can be easily cleaned and sanitised. With a simple wash between uses, a plastic pallet can be sanitised incredibly easy. 
Plastic pallet have different type for different usage.

Plastic Pallet Applications

Proper Care of Plastic Pallet

Enlightening is plastic pallet industy,if want to clean, can wash directly.can you recycle plastic pallets?how much weight can a plastic pallet hold, correctly to use forklift avoid collision.


Where to Get Specialty Plastic Pallets

  • b1
    Plastic export pallets
    Plastic export pallets are one day plastic pallets designed to meet a wide range of international specifications for export. Sometimes they’re called export shipping pallets. Euro pallets are a subtype of the export pallet.
  • b2
    Plastic floor pallet
    Plastic floor pallet have 9 runner colored plastic pallet and full perimeter for choose. Four way entry for forklift and manual jack.

  • b3
    Drum oil spill pallets

    Drum oil spill pallets provide a fully compliant spill containment solution for storing drums.  Available from 1 to 8 drums in polyethylene or steel to suit your requirements.  Options include standard spill pallets and covered spill pallets for outdoor use.
  • b5
    Water bottle pallet
    water bottle pallet have 12 bottles and 16 bottles type. Special partition design prevent bottles from touching each other,more secure when shipping,save lots of using space for transferring.And bottom flat design,make device stronger and not easy to broken.

Guide to Plastic Pallet Options

  • Q Can i get a free sample?

    Yes.Free sample is available via your DHL or Fedex account.
  • Q What's your delivery time?

    Standard color is blue, if not large quantity have in stock,If need to customize,lead time 15days once confirmed deposit.
  • Q Why are plastic pallets more cost effective?

    Our range of Plastic Pallets offer a high level of durability, especially when compared to their wooden counterparts. Plastic pallets can last up to 10 years and as such the cost per use decreases and increases efficiency, therefore saving you money and hassle!
  • Q Where can i find plastic pallet?

    From enlighteningplast to search and give you good choice.
  • Q What are the benefits of plastic pallets?

    Plastic pallet weight capicty 6ton,Environmentally friendly and can be reground to produce new plastic products.plastic pallet size is correcty.
  • Q What are plastic pallets?

    Standard size of plastic pallets are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to wooden pallets, which are an essential part of the supply chain process used in the storage and transportation of goods.

Why Choose Enlightening Plastic Pallet Supplier

Enlightening Pallet is larest plastic pallet supplier in china.Durable plastic pallet have different type, plastic pallet tray, plastic pallet with sides.Export lots to all over the world.Made in china high manufacturing standards.Committed supplier,hit and run is not our style, our customer are always our freinds.Very precise supplier in terms of delivery and timing.Open to share our knowledge,and help you to start your own business in your country.

Often Queried Topics to Plastic Pallets

Auto parts Industry
Industrial auto parts pallet box

Our pallet box have been servicing this demanding industry for many years. The containers multitask for a wide range of uses including large packaging, transport and storage.

Fishery Industry
Food grade fishery pallet box

With stringent regulations in place for the transportation of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, our plastic pallets and pallet boxes are made from the highest-grade HDPE plastic.

Food & Agricultural Industry
Flour & Chemical Bag Stackable Pallet

The double face pallet is an excellent solution for heavy loads. Its robust design makes the pallet resistant to impact and able to carry loads of up to 2000 kg during transport, as well as up to 6000 kg in static storage.

Food & Agricultural Industry
Agriculture Use pallet box(food grade)

Agriculture and in particular Fruit and Vegetables growing and processing is a very demanding business.It requires packaging with high efficiency, strength and resistance to harsh environment. Packaging also has to preserve freshness and quality of produce from field to supermarket shelf.

Automotive Industry
Automated Racking Pallet

Rackable Plastic Pallet for warehouse storage and transportationAvailable pallet type: grid surface three runner plastic pallet, grid surface six runner plastic pallet, double face plastic pallet

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Product News
How to choose a better plastic pallet?

Plastic pallets​ are favored by more and more industries with their own advantages. Plastic pallets have also become an important tool for modern transportation, packaging, warehousing and product export. In order to cope with the development, plastic pallet manufacturers continue to emerge, facing the variety of plastic pallets on the market, the choice also makes everyone difficult? So how do you choose a plastic tray? Don't worry, after reading the following, you will not be guilty of choice.

Food Grade Plastic Pallet.jpg
Product News
Do you know what types of Food Grade Plastic Pallets are available?

Food grade plastic pallets are trays for food. It has the advantages of safety, hygiene, beauty, no nail thorn, tasteless, non-toxic, easy to clean and disinfect, corrosion-resistant, mildew-free, non-combustible, etc. It meets the national food hygiene inspection standards and is recognized by the import and export customs and quarantine bureaus of various countries. It belongs to the world's green environmental protection products, and is exempt from inspection. So do you know what types it has? Next, let's introduce the types.

Plastic Pallet.png
Product News
How to check the quality of plastic pallet?

Whether it's steel pallets or plastic pallets, many industries are inseparable from them, and the importance of pallet packaging can be imagined. Many customers have discovered, or have experienced, the smell of plastic trays. In fact, cheap plastic trays will emit more or less unpleasant tastes, mainly from its materials. . According to the smell of the plastic tray to distinguish the quality of the tray, the smell of the plastic tray is largely related to its material, and of course it will have a certain impact during the processing. So how do you tell the quality of plastic pallets?

240liter waste bin.jpg
Product News
Are big plastic garbage bin environmentally friendly?

large plastic trash cans can be said to be one of the daily necessities that can be seen everywhere in life, so what are the advantages of plastic trash cans? Is the environmental impact of large plastic trash cans good?

Product News
What are the advantages of plastic pallet?

Pallet, as a kind of container-like equipment, has been widely used in the fields of production, transportation, storage and distribution, and is considered as one of the two innovations in the logistics industry in the 20th century. A pallet is a horizontal platform device for loading, stacking, handling, and transporting goods and articles that are unit loads.There are many types of pallets, such as plastic pallets, wooden pallets, steel pallets, etc. Now plastic pallets are widely used, what are its advantages? Next, let's talk about its advantages.

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Heavy duty single faced pallet Features and advantages

Heavy duty single faced pallet Features and advantagesHeavy duty single faced pallet are used on different type of rackings, such as drive-in racking, cantilever racking, automatic 3D racking etc. Certainly, it could be used on flat ground also. The rack plastic pallets have the feature of heavy loa

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Heavy duty fruit mesh folding pallet bin

With the introduction of foldable large container, fruit storage box bin, Horen makes a great contribution to the current material equipment market. The FLC enhanced features will result in dramatically improved material handling operation within your business.Not only have we completed an extensiv

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Heavy duty hdpe plastic pallet box for battery industry

So happy that a 40ft container loaded 104 pieces of plastic pallet box is delivery to Sweden today.Though this kind of plastic pallet box sells well in Europe, we're still delighted it can be delivered to Sweden cooperated with a new client.Key points for not refusing to buy plastic pallet box from

Product News
How many types do plastic euro pallets have?

Plastic euro pallets are one of the most popular types of plastic pallets, so what are their advantages over other similar products? What are the different types of plastic pallets?

Plastic Pallet.png
Auto parts Industry
What are the benefits of using Export Use Plastic Pallet when exporting goods?

The export use pallet is a logistics appliance that can exchange devices between stations and work stations. It carries pallets for the exported goods, and the pallet function ensures that the goods are not easily damaged when transported. As a tool that can be used for loading and unloading during transportation and storage and storage, it can greatly improve loading and unloading efficiency with the use of forklifts; palletizing goods can greatly increase warehouse utilization. Of course, export use pallet has many kinds of materials, so what advantage does export use plastic pallet have? Let's talk about it.

Auto parts Industry
What are the advantages of industrial plastic pallet?

Every product you see in any store may be shipped on a pallet. There are many kinds of pallets, the most common are wood and plastic. So what are the advantages of industrial plastic pallets over wooden pallets? What are the uses of industrial plastic pallets and what is its development trend? Why are industrial plastic pallets more widely used?

Product News
What can industrial pallets be used to do?

Although you may not have seen industrial plastic pallets in real life, they can be used in almost any industry. What is the purpose of industrial plastic pallets? When will industrial plastic pallets be needed?

Automotive Industry
What are the differences between collapsible plastic pallet boxes and general?

Foldable plastic pallet boxes are widely used in modern factory logistics, so what is the difference between collapsible plastic pallet boxes and ordinary plastic pallet boxes? What are the uses of foldable plastic pallet boxes?

Product News
How to properly and safely sterilize plastic pallets?

Ensuring that the plastic trays are properly cleaned is a fairly simple task. However, ensuring that plastic pallets are properly sterilized can be trickier. There are now a variety of shapes and sizes, with many corners and seams that make them difficult to clean. One of the main advantages of using plastic pallets is how strong they are. This allows for a more powerful cleaning process, which can include jet cleaning and detergents, etc. But what is the best way to sanitize your tray?

Product News
How to make and recycle plastic pallets?

The plastic tray is made of high-strength material, light in weight, easy to use, with antiskid function. It is mainly used in the service industry. In addition, the plastic pallet structure design is reasonable and the use is more standardized. New plastic pallet can be used for 8 to 10 years under normal use. But how is it made? So how do you recycle it in order to adapt to global trends and protect the environment?



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