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What are the benefits of using Export Use Plastic Pallet when exporting goods?

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What are the benefits of using Export Use Plastic Pallet when exporting goods?

The export use pallet is a logistics appliance that can exchange devices between stations and work stations. It carries pallets for the exported goods, and the pallet function ensures that the goods are not easily damaged when transported. As a tool that can be used for loading and unloading during transportation and storage and storage, it can greatly improve loading and unloading efficiency with the use of forklifts; palletizing goods can greatly increase warehouse utilization. Of course, export use pallet has many kinds of materials, so what advantage does export use plastic pallet have? Let's talk about it.


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What types can it be divided into?

What are the advantages of plastic materials?

In conclusion


What types can it be divided into?


1. Flat tray: As long as the tray is raised, it generally refers to the flat tray. Because the flat tray has the widest range of use, it has the largest number of uses and the best versatility.

2. Column tray: The main function of the column outlet tray is to use the column to support the weight and stack it up; the second is to prevent the goods placed on the pallet from collapsing during transportation and loading and unloading.

3. Cassette tray: Cassette tray is a tray with side plates on all sides. Some have a top plate on the box and some have no top plate. There are three types of box boards: fixed, folding and detachable.

4. Wheeled pallet: Wheeled pallet has smaller wheels than cylindrical pallet and box pallet. It is more convenient to use.

5. Special special pallets: Due to the high efficiency, safety and stability of pallet operations, especially in some occasions requiring fast operation, the importance of using pallets is highlighted.

6. Skateboard tray: A flat plate with wings on one or more sides. A base plate for the transport or storage or transport of goods or products in the form of unit loads.

Flocking inner tray: it is a kind of plastic tray with special materials, which pastes a layer of plush material on the surface of ordinary plastic hard disk, so that the tray surface has a kind of plush feel, which is used to improve The quality of packaging products.


What are the advantages of plastic materials?


Traditional wooden pallets must be heated and smoked at the time of export, with fumigation proof to avoid pests. Therefore, the export industry generally chooses plastic pallets as a loading tool for exporting goods. Thereby reducing the procedures for the export of goods and speeding up the turnover of funds. Whether it is environmental protection or carrying capacity, the export plastic tray has good performance, and it has excellent characteristics such as no water, no combustion, corrosion resistance, recyclability and cleanability.


Plastic pallets, whether in the country, including the demanding EU, Africa, the United States and other regions are exempt from inspection of plastic packaging products, so in the export of goods to these countries and regions are adapted to its requirements. This is the main reason why most customers choose plastic pallets when exporting goods.


In conclusion


Consistent transportation of pallets can significantly reduce costs. The use of pallets is most initially in the field of loading and unloading. Now, palletized unit packaging, palletized unit storage, pallet unit loading and unloading, and palletized unit transportation are everywhere. Everything is in the logistics system. Play a huge power. Therefore, the export use plastic pallet is also very widely used now. Others include food grade plastic trays and other trays if you need to know.



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