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Automotive Industry

  • Automated Racking Pallet
    Rackable Plastic Pallet for warehouse storage and transportationAvailable pallet type: grid surface three runner plastic pallet, grid surface six runner plastic pallet, double face plastic pallet Read More
  • What are the differences between collapsible plastic pallet boxes and general?
    Foldable plastic pallet boxes are widely used in modern factory logistics, so what is the difference between collapsible plastic pallet boxes and ordinary plastic pallet boxes? What are the uses of foldable plastic pallet boxes? Read More
  • What are the classifications of plastic pallets?
    China's logistics industry is developing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of over 15%. Experts predict that in the next few years, China's logistics market will maintain an average annual growth rate of 20%, and the annual new pallet usage will exceed 20 million. "Efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-cost" is the main feature of the logistics industry in the future. This is a golden opportunity for the plastic pallet manufacturing industry that started late, and it is also a huge challenge. Therefore, the development of plastic pallets is also very rapid, and everyone may have heard of it, but do you know what kinds of it? Next, let's introduce the type of it. Read More
  • What are the performance advantages of the large Plastic Pallet Box?
    Plastic pallet boxes are divided into two types: foldable cardboard boxes and ordinary cardboard boxes. It is made by injection molding of 100% high-strength modified engineering plastics, and its service life is dozens of times that of ordinary wooden storage boxes. The large plastic pallet box is made of HDPE (low pressure high density polyethylene) with high impact strength. The box body of the closed cardboard box and the grid card box adopts one injection molding technology. The product design is based on the tray and the box. It is especially suitable for forklifts and manual trucks, and the turnover is more flexible and convenient. Why is it so widely used? Next we will talk about its advantages. Read More
  • What is the role of the holes in the collapsible Pallet Box?
    After being folded, the collapsible pallet box can be reduced in volume by more than 75%, and has the advantages of light weight, small land occupation, convenient combination, etc., and is widely used in closed loop distribution systems such as major supermarket chains, convenience stores, and large distribution centers. We can find holes in the collapsible Pallet Box. Why? Read More


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