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What are the differences between collapsible plastic pallet boxes and general?

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What are the differences between collapsible plastic pallet boxes and general?

Foldable plastic pallet boxes are widely used in modern factory logistics, so what is the difference between collapsible plastic pallet boxes and ordinary plastic pallet boxes? What are the uses of foldable plastic pallet boxes?


What is a foldable plastic pallet box?

What are the characteristics of foldable plastic pallet boxes?

Why are foldable plastic pallet boxes popular?


What is a foldable plastic pallet box?

The plastic folding pallet box refers to a turnover box with a pallet at the bottom, which is a foldable turnover box for large-scale loads based on plastic pallets. This large pallet box is suitable for factory turnover and product storage. When empty, the box can be folded and stacked, saving space, convenient for recycling, saving transportation costs and improving efficiency. In terms of expansion, the collapsible pallet box is specifically used in the packaging, storage and transportation of various parts and raw materials, auto parts, clothing fabrics, vegetables and other containerized packaging. It is a very widely used logistics container. This kind of turnover box is relatively large in volume, and can be directly used by forklift, and can be folded when not in use, reducing the volume of the box and saving freight. plastic folding pallet boxes, also known as foldable logistics boxes, are widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics and other industries. Its high-quality product properties: acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and odorless, easy to clean, and convenient parts turnover , Stacked neatly. It is suitable for transportation, distribution, storage, circulation processing and other links in factory logistics. Today, when logistics management is more and more valued by the majority of enterprises, foldable plastic pallet boxes help to complete the generalization and integrated management of logistics containers. It is a must for modern logistics management of production and distribution enterprises.


What are the characteristics of foldable plastic pallet boxes?

1. The plastic folding pallet box is made of co-polypropylene and polyethylene, with light weight and long service life.

2. The plastic folding pallet box adopts the international popular style, the volume after folding is only 1/4 of the volume when assembled, and it has the advantages of small area and convenient assembly.

3. Collapsible plastic pallet boxes are widely used in closed-loop distribution systems such as major chain supermarkets, 24-hour convenience stores, large-scale distribution centers, department stores, and food processing.

4. The foldable plastic pallet box is a new product that meets the environmental protection requirements and zero inventory plan of modern enterprises.

5. The load-bearing capacity of the folding turnover box is stronger than that of the ordinary turnover box. It has a stacking foot frame and good anti-skid performance.


Why are foldable plastic pallet boxes popular?

1. With the development of e-commerce, traditional logistics warehousing and self-built warehousing have been unable to accept large and diverse orders, and gradually rely on third-party outsourced warehousing and distribution work. The new PP material plastic folding pallet box is strong and durable, can be recycled for a long time, and is more economical than disposable packaging. The plastic folding turnover box can also save about 75% of the storage and transportation space, thereby reducing the cost of logistics, transportation and storage. On the other hand, compared with ordinary packaging boxes such as cartons, plastic folding turnover boxes also have a better protective effect on commodities, which can reduce product losses and reduce environmental pollution. This can not only improve operations, but also improve the ability to receive orders, and continue to increase sales, and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of delivery.

2. The traditional logistics and warehousing area is large, the construction period is long, and the capital demand is large. In addition, the scale of warehousing, warehousing cycle, and requirements for special warehousing environments are also different. In addition, the difficulties of traditional warehousing services and management will affect the efficiency of warehousing and increase the risk of damage and deterioration of goods. Self-service warehouses are favored by users due to their security, speed and flexibility. By dividing the entire model into different storage spaces according to the size of different storage items, it can adapt to different customer needs.

3. The foldable plastic pallet box meets the standard requirements, can be used with national standard pallets, and can be used with turtles, forklifts and other equipment to achieve efficient operation, meet the requirements of mechanized transportation, and effectively improve loading efficiency and improve loading efficiency. The VE work process saves time and labor costs.


The foldable plastic pallet box is recognized by the industry because of its convenience and flexibility. If you are looking for high-quality collapsible plastic pallet boxs at reasonable prices, Enlightening Pallet Industry Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best Plastic Pallet, Plastic Garbage Bin.



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