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Fresh Food Vented Pallet Bins

size 1200*1000*760 mm
material HDPE
weight 34kg
volume 606L
  • 1210FK
  • ENL
  • 1210

Fresh Food Vented Pallet Bins


Big containers feature especially large capacities. Containers with a capacity of up to 900 litres are available . But plastic pallet containers are particularly light thanks to the material that is used to make them.

A solid big box with dimensions of 120x100 cm weighs just 34kg when empty. The robust design also makes the large plastic containers extremely stable – creating the ideal way to store and transport heavy and bulky goods.

solid pallet container

The pallet container come in two different models: one rigid, the other collapsible. The rigid containers are particularly handy when heavy loads have to be moved, a high level of stability is required or the pallet containers will be exposed to extreme external conditions. The collapsible side walls of the foldable big box are particularly practical.

seafood use pallet container

A pallet container’s volume can be reduced to a minimum in a few quick steps. As a result, you can save valuable space during empty loads or non-use and automatically lower transport and warehouse costs. You can also choose from solid pallet containers or ones with ventilation slits.


4 way entry

Big boxes with ventilation slits are the ideal way to store or transport perishable goods, such as fruit and vegetables. Pallet boxes come with such optional features as skids, feet or casters.

As a result, they can perfectly meet the needs of your company. Pallet containers equipped with skids are also suitable for rotary forklifts.






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