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Collapsible large Mesh Plastic Pallet Box

These collapsible pallet box made by food grade virgin hdpe, is suitable for fruit and vegetable storage use
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collapsible plastic pallet box decription

Collapsible pallet box also provide high advantages and money saving due to their long life and reusable design. Hygienic collapsible pallet bin are reliable means for storing and processing food items and ingredients.

For Food (on demand): All our collapsible pallet box are in plastic and provide superior hygienic features. If required, also suitable for food and fruit and vegetable industry. Plastic does not deteriorate, retain liquids or odours and does not transfer them to food.

Item collapsible plastic pallet bin
size 1200x1000x810mm
material hdpe
weight  43kg
static load 4rt
dynamic load 1t

foldable pallet box feature

The collapsible pallet bin is produced for the storage and transportation of a broad range items. The bin’s carrying capacity is 1000kg in dynamic, 4000kg in static.

fruit use collapsible pallet bin feature

The plastic box is made of HDPE (low pressure high density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) with high impact strength. Most of the box processes are made by one injection.

food garde pallet bin application

These collapsible pallet box made by food grade virgin hdpe, is suitable for fruit and vegetable storage use ,Folding vented plastic bulk container. 

Indications are that citrus fruit are almost exclusively transported in plastic bins while apples and pears each are using plastic bins. 

Agricultural Folding Bulk Containers Are FDA Approved For Sanitary Storage.

Plastic folding card board box overall use thickening design, product quality is guaranteed, longer service life.

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