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1200x1000 heavy duty industrial foldable bulk plastic pallet container

size 1200x1000x1000mm
weight 55 kg, volume 887L
static load 4t, dynamic load 1t, racking load 1t
56 pcs/ 20GP, 151 pcs/ 40HQ
  • 1210D

  • ENL

  • 3923100090

                            Foldable Plastic Pallet Box Collapsible Bulk Storage Container 

Product Feature

The Collapsible Bulk Container realizes the function to ensure high-efficiency and high-quality transportation method, thus to ensure high and reliable performance. On the other hand, it can be an ideal facility to reduce circulation costs, save logistics labor consumption, achieve rapid, with low consumption and so on.

folding bulk container

Popular foldable plastic pallet box
size  1200x1000x1000mm
weight  55kg
static load 4t
dynamic load 1t

It is a stable, foldable standard container with extra height and ergonomically shaped folding doors In long side and short 

side, easy to handle the goods in container and can also accommodate the interior dunnage when empty.

plastic pallet container

Steel tube inside for reinforcement in the base, allow safe stacking up to six high (600kg load in stacking, 5 over 1 in static 

and 1 over 1 in dynamic). And they are stackable and collapsible, easily for return transport.

collapsible pallet bulk container

Rack load is 1000kg: refers to the box 1.2m edge on the beam rack or cross-beam overhead on other similar racks, the goods in the box evenly placed.

foldable bulk plastic pallet container

  1. Collapse flat in seconds and stack for storage and return shipment - optimizes space and saves money on return freight

  2. Drop-doors and four-way forklift entry improve ergonomics and handling efficiency

  3. Thick-wall polyethylene (PE) material - resists water, oils, acids and extreme temperatures and is easily cleaned

    151pcs 1210D_副本

  4. Smooth internal surfaces - protect contents

  5. Customization and identification options available

  6. Perfect for factory, warehouse and stockroom

  7. Ideal for conveyor use and are reusable

Product Description

The Collapsible Bulk Container has great impact on the economic benefits of cargo owners, shipping companies and ports. Due to the proper size and compact design, it can be placed everywhere in order to help release space of limited places. In addition, it also helps to solve the shortcomings that can not be overcome by using ordinary cargo ships to transport goods.




1200x1000 folding bulk container



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