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What are the advantages of industrial plastic pallet?

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What are the advantages of industrial plastic pallet?

Every product you see in any store may be shipped on a pallet. There are many kinds of pallets, the most common are wood and plastic. So what are the advantages of industrial plastic pallets over wooden pallets? What are the uses of industrial plastic pallets and what is its development trend? Why are industrial plastic pallets more widely used?


What are the advantages of industrial plastic pallets?

The development trend of industrial plastic pallets

in conclusion


What are the advantages of industrial plastic pallets?

1. Foldable industrial plastic pallets are lighter and easier to transport. The weight of the plastic pallet is reduced by about 30%-35%. If you want to order 500 pounds of product, then use plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets to transport products, and you will pay 35% less.

2. Industrial plastic pallets take up less space. Because the items are too thick, it takes a lot of money to ship them to wooden pallets. They must also be stacked on top of each other. If the average wooden pallet is 20 cm high and you have 12, the stack will be 240 cm. It's almost two and a half meters high! This is not the case with plastic pallets, because they don't even have to be stacked. They can be folded and stored in a small space.

3. Reducing waste is the goal of many organizations pursuing environmental protection. Plastic is 100% recyclable. If there is a problem with industrial plastic pallets, they can be recycled and reused. If the wooden pallet is damaged, it is usually thrown into the garbage dump or incinerated.

4. Another great advantage of foldable industrial plastic pallets is their durability. The plastic will not crack. he plastic will not shatter. Plastic has a sticky product design, so the material will not be damaged even during transportation.

5. Wood attracts termites, which is never a good thing for companies that ship large amounts of products. You also don’t want fungi or bacteria to spread to your products. On the other hand, plastic trays are easy to clean. All you need to clean the plastic tray is a simple spray with a water hose. Wooden pallets are more difficult to clean because damp wood will promote the growth of fungi and attract termites.

6. Industrial plastic pallets are not only strong and durable, but also very flexible. Its advantage is that it can hold different sizes and types of goods in the same pallet. On wooden pallets, only one product can be packed. Most plastic pallets are made of partitions of various sizes, so it is easy to pack various goods.

7. Industrial plastic pallets are free of debris. They also lack sharp edges and nails. When wooden pallets are used for transportation, the possibility of cargo damage is greater. Plastic pallets will effectively and safely meet your transportation needs. They are versatile and save space, so using plastic pallets can save more money.


The development trend of industrial plastic pallets

The industrial plastic pallet industry is moving towards functionalization, greening, and reduction. It is both an opportunity and a challenge for the chemical industry. If supporting chemical products want to open up new market shares in this field, they need to increase the development and implementation of related materials. plastic pallets are both an opportunity and challenge for the chemical industry. As one of the most indirect industries in the petrochemical industry, the promotion and advanced skills of plastic pallets are highly dependent on the support of chemical products. At the same time, with technological progress and increasing demand for specific consumption categories, plastic packaging has also put forward higher and higher requirements for chemical products. Functionalization, greening and reduction have once become the direction followed by the foldable plastic pallet industry, and the supporting chemical products will also usher in more development opportunities.


in conclusion

The design of industrial plastic trays not only improves space efficiency, but also improves durability. Whether you are moving or planning to open a store, you can use industrial plastic pallets to transport everything from furniture to clothes. If you are looking for high-quality industrial plastic pallets, Plastic Pallet Box, Plastic Garbage Bin at reasonable prices, Enlightening Pallet Industry Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best products.



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