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Food & Agricultural Industry

  • Flour & Chemical Bag Stackable Pallet
    The double face pallet is an excellent solution for heavy loads. Its robust design makes the pallet resistant to impact and able to carry loads of up to 2000 kg during transport, as well as up to 6000 kg in static storage. Read More
  • Agriculture Use pallet box(food grade)
    Agriculture and in particular Fruit and Vegetables growing and processing is a very demanding business.It requires packaging with high efficiency, strength and resistance to harsh environment. Packaging also has to preserve freshness and quality of produce from field to supermarket shelf. Read More
  • What are the differences between collapsible Pallet Box and ordinary Pallet Box?
    As an indispensable part of the warehousing and logistics industry, plastic pallet box is playing an important role as the warehousing and logistics industry plays an increasingly important role in supply chain management and the Internet of Things. The correct use of it should be such that the packaging combination should be stacked on it and properly bundled and wrapped to facilitate mechanical handling and transportation, thus meeting the requirements of handling, transportation and storage. What are the differences between collapsible pallet box and ordinary pallet boxes? Next, let's analyze it. Read More
  • Do you know Rackable Plastic Pallet?
    A rackable plastic pallet is a tote that comes with a tray at the bottom. It is a foldable tote that is based on large loads of plastic pallets. This large-sized pallet box is suitable for factory turnover and product storage. It can be folded and stacked when empty, saving space and facilitating recycling, saving transportation costs and improving efficiency. In terms of expansion, rackable plastic pallet is applied to the packaging, storage and transportation of various parts and materials, automotive parts, clothing fabrics, vegetables and other containerized packaging. It is an extremely widely used logistics container. These totes are relatively large in volume and can be directly transferred by forklifts. They can be folded when not in use, reducing the size of the boxes and saving freight. Read More
  • Considerations for using the Plastic Pallet Box
    Precautions for the use of plastic pallet boxes and those protection methods Plastic pallets are not a short part of the current storage profession, and carry forward serious results. In accordance with the standard application method, the plastic pallet boxes can not only carry forward its own effects, but also carry forward its own strength, extend the service life, and reduce the recovery cost of the plastic cardboard box. Next, let's talk about what to pay attention to when using it and how to protect it. Read More
  • How to extend the life of plastic pallet?
    Plastic pallets are commonly used in pallets in modern logistics. Their use can be used to ensure the storage and transportation of goods, greatly improving the industrial transportation power and ensuring the rapid and useful nature of logistics transportation. Every customer expects the life of the plastic pallet to be as long as possible, so that the pallet can reduce the cost and investment, add the company's profit income, how can it be useful to extend the service life of the plastic pallet? Read More
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