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Considerations for using the Plastic Pallet Box

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Considerations for using the Plastic Pallet Box

Precautions for the use of plastic pallet boxes and those protection methods Plastic pallets are not a short part of the current storage profession, and carry forward serious results. In accordance with the standard application method, the plastic pallet boxes can not only carry forward its own effects, but also carry forward its own strength, extend the service life, and reduce the recovery cost of the plastic cardboard box. Next, let's talk about what to pay attention to when using it and how to protect it.


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Precautions for using it

Plastic pallet boxes protection method

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Precautions for using it

1. When placing the goods, they should be placed evenly to prevent side smashing when the forklift is suddenly ascended.

2. The plastic card box should be placed lightly to prevent the plastic from being uneven when it falls to the ground and form a damaged.

3. When using the transfer preparation, it should be considered whether the cargo deviation scale can be applied to this plastic pallet box to prevent the scale from being inconsistent, and the forklift forks up the tray when it forks.

4. When stacking, the bearing capacity of it should be considered.


Plastic pallet box protection method


Proper use of plastic pallets requires that the package combination be placed on the plastic pallets with appropriate strapping and wrapping for easy handling and transport, and then satisfactory for handling, shipping and storage, in order to make plastic The pallets are used permanently and safely, and it is expected that the plastic pallets will be properly used in accordance with the following requirements.


1. It should prevent sun exposure to cause aging and shorten the service life.

2. It is forbidden to throw the goods from the high-altitude space into the plastic cardboard box, and reasonably determine the accumulation method of the goods in it, especially the painful accumulation, and the plastic cardboard boxes carrying the heavy objects should be placed on the flat ground or objects. On the surface.

3. It is forbidden to throw plastic cardboard boxes from high altitude to prevent the tray from being broken due to violent impact.

4. When working in a forklift or manual hydraulic truck, the fork spurs should be placed on the outer side of the fork hole of the plastic card box as far as possible. The fork thorn should be fully inserted into the tray. After the tray is lifted smoothly, the viewpoint can be changed, and the fork thorn can not hit the plastic card. The crate is kneaded to avoid the formation of broken plates and cracks.

5. When the pallets are on the pallet, it is necessary to use the pallets. The carrying capacity depends on the layout of the shelves, and overloading is prohibited.


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As an indispensable part of the warehousing and logistics industry, with the increasing position of the warehousing and logistics industry in supply chain management and the Internet of Things, plastic pallets play a major role. If the plastic pallet box is used according to the correct use specifications, in addition to its full role, it can also extend its service life and save the purchase cost of it. Therefore, we need to pay attention to these precautions when using, and learn to protect it. Not only it, but also food grade plastic pallets, stackable plastic pallets, etc., also need to pay attention to these issues.



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