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Heavy Duty Spill Containment Pallet

1.Bolt-type drain port
2.easy to install and remove
3.easy to drain leakage liquid
spill pallet decription

heavy duty spill containment pallet with Bolt-type drain port, easy to install and remove, easy to drain leakage liquid, increase sealing rubber ring inside, leak-proof, durable, and good sealing performance.

Each palletfor leakage prevention can be used alone, or multiple trays can be combined to form a workstation.This portable bunded pallet is designed to contain spillage of both hazardous and non dangerous materials

Item size(mm) weight(kg) volume(L)
4 drum spill pallet 1320x1320x300 36 220
4 drum spill tray 1320x1320x150 32 150
2 drum spill pallet 1320x680x300 22 120
2 drum spill tray 1320x680x150 17 80

1. The Bunded pallet can be used in conjunction with the forklift to move and facilitate the handling of leaks.

2. Each tray for leakage prevention can be used alone, or multiple trays can be combined to form a workstation.

heavy duty spill pallet application
4 drum spill pallet application

3. The design of the spill pallet meets the requirements for the safe storage, handling and disposal of oil drums and chemical drums. For example, if the oil drum is to be placed straight, the oil drum should be slightly inclined so that the water does not accumulate around the lid. 

4. This is slightly lower in the middle and slightly higher around. This is in accordance with the principle of the vertical placement of the oil drum. It is a simple straight plane and the oil drum will not have any tilt. In this way, the problem of oil pollution may occur when storing oil.

4 drum spill pallet packaging


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