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How to extend the life of plastic pallet?

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How to extend the life of plastic pallet?

Plastic pallets are commonly used in pallets in modern logistics. Their use can be used to ensure the storage and transportation of goods, greatly improving the industrial transportation power and ensuring the rapid and useful nature of logistics transportation. Every customer expects the life of the plastic pallet to be as long as possible, so that the pallet can reduce the cost and investment, add the company's profit income, how can it be useful to extend the service life of the plastic pallet?


Content list:

Learn to use it accurately

Do a good job of maintenance

In conclusion


Learn to use it accurately


1. The plastic tray should be placed lightly to avoid uneven stress and damage when landing.


2. When placing goods, they should be evenly placed to avoid side squatting during lifting and handling.


3. When handling equipment is used, consideration should be given to whether the size difference is suitable for them to avoid improper size and supporting it.


4. When stacking, use the weight of the bottom tray.


Do a good job of maintenance


In addition to the accurate use of plastic pallet trays, logistics plastic pallets are also necessary to do the usual maintenance work. Only when the maintenance work is done, can we reduce unnecessary wear and tear, and find that the damage can be repaired in time. Prevent damage to the tray from continuing to expand.


1. They shall be protected from sunlight to avoid aging and shorten service life.


2. It is strictly prohibited to throw the goods into plastic pallets from high places. The goods shall be placed evenly, and shall not be piled up centrally or eccentrically. Pallets carrying heavy objects should be Placed on a flat surface or object surface.


3. It is strictly prohibited to throw plastic trays from high places to prevent the trays from cracking due to severe impact.


4. Fork stabs should be placed outside the fork holes of the pallet as far as possible when working on forklift or manual hydraulic truck. The prongs should be fully inserted into the tray, and the angle can be changed after the tray is lifted. Forks should not touch the side of the tray to prevent the tray from cracking.


5. When the tray is on the shelf, the shelf tray must be used. The carrying capacity depends on the shelf structure. Overloading is strictly prohibited.


6. When handling corrosive articles, pay attention to the packaging and loading of articles to avoid the tray from being polluted.


7. When using plastic trays, try not to put them in damp and dark places, so as not to affect the service life of it.


In conclusion


In general, the method of extending the service life of plastic pallets is to accurately use the combination of peacetime maintenance and the combination of the two aspects, to do a good job in each operation, so that the effectiveness of it is greatly demonstrated.


Transportation packaging plays an important role in the logistics industry. In order to meet the transportation requirements of various industries, it is necessary to choose the transportation method according to the different materials. Then the packaging presentation method must follow the development of the times. Plastic pallets come in a variety of styles, both as a transport carrier and as a packaging tool. Nowadays, it has more and more sales channels and various purchase methods. In order to better meet the transportation packaging needs, we should choose the right company to buy plastic pallet, Rackable Plastic Pallet, Stackable Plastic Pallet  products that meet the needs.



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