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What is the role of the holes in the collapsible Pallet Box?

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What is the role of the holes in the collapsible Pallet Box?

After being folded, the collapsible pallet box can be reduced in volume by more than 75%, and has the advantages of light weight, small land occupation, convenient combination, etc., and is widely used in closed loop distribution systems such as major supermarket chains, convenience stores, and large distribution centers. We can find holes in the collapsible Pallet Box. Why?


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Opening design


Opening problem at the bottom of the box

To sum up


Opening design


The collapsible Pallet Box has vertical holes, except for the hand holes on both sides. The vertical long hole has a strong bearing capacity, and the opening ratio of the box wall can reach 35% -40%, which greatly saves the plastic raw materials and reduces the packaging cost.


The problem worth noting is that the design of the opening of the plastic box, the vast majority of the box is a flat mold, the outside of the box is an engraving mold, this design and manufacture of plastic crates, the surface looks neat and tidy, nothing wrong, However, carefully observing and touching the inside and outside of the box, you will find that the outside of the box is smooth, the corners of the plastic reinforcing ribs and the opening are round and smooth, which will not cause damage to the fruit. Unfortunately, this is the outside of the box, and there are few products. Long-term contact with this face. The inside of the box seems to be flat, but the touch will find that the edge of the opening of the box is very sharp, causing serious mechanical damage to fruits and vegetables.


The solution is easy. The mold in the box is treated so that the inner edge of the opening has a small curvature. Of course, the cost of the double-sided engraving mold will be higher. But compared to the damage loss of the product, the added cost per box is very low.




Collapsible Pallet Box's opening design, ventilation and ventilation is no problem. In production applications, some companies put plastic film, newspapers, foam plastic mats, etc. in the box. This way, it is not conducive to ventilation and heat exchange, and fruits and vegetables are not so easy to rot in the basket.


Opening problem at the bottom of the box


The bottom of the collapsible Pallet Box has a strip-shaped hole that is partially open to the side. The opening on the surface is good for the up and down ventilation and draining of the product. In fact, the folding baskets for different purposes should have different opening designs.


It for long-distance transportation, if there is an opening at the bottom, there is no padding at the bottom of the box, and the lower layer is in contact with the bottom of the basket, which is likely to be deformed and damaged by pressure. While the backing often leads to waste, it is better to design the bottom of the basket as a flat plate.


To sum up


You should understand from the above article why the collapsible Pallet Box has holes and what it does. Then when you have doubts about it, you must know it. If you have any questions, you can always consult us. Not only it, but also other plastic pallets, such as food-grade plastic pallets, export plastic pallets, and so on.



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