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What are the classifications of plastic pallets?

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What are the classifications of plastic pallets?

China's logistics industry is developing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of over 15%. Experts predict that in the next few years, China's logistics market will maintain an average annual growth rate of 20%, and the annual new pallet usage will exceed 20 million. "Efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-cost" is the main feature of the logistics industry in the future. This is a golden opportunity for the plastic pallet manufacturing industry that started late, and it is also a huge challenge. Therefore, the development of plastic pallets is also very rapid, and everyone may have heard of it, but do you know what kinds of it? Next, let's introduce the type of it.


What are the classification criteria:


Classified by structure

Classified by bearing capacity

Classified by material

The end of the article


Classified by structure


(1) Double-sided plastic tray

Both sides of the tray can be used as the bearing surface, which is convenient to use, so the application range is wide, but the double-sided tray itself has a large weight, and only the forklift can move the tray, which is often used for the three-dimensional shelf. The double-sided tray can be further divided into a flat double-sided tray and a grid double-sided tray (including a field type, a river type, and a Japanese type) according to the structure of the face.


(2) Single-sided use tray

This type of pallet has only one bearing surface, and the secondary bearing surface generally bears the main load. Therefore, the structure of the connecting portion on the bearing surface of the tray is more complicated, and the structure of other parts is relatively simple. In addition to the forklift, the single-sided pallet facilitates the use of manual hydraulic trucks to move pallets on the ground and can also be used for light shelves. Single-sided plastic pallets can be divided into flat single-sided pallets and grid single-sided pallets according to the bearing surface. According to the bottom non-bearing surface, it is divided into nine-foot type, Tianzi type, and Sichuan type.


Classified by bearing capacity


(1) Light-duty plastic tray

It is suitable for the use of products that are exported in one-time export packaging or lightly loaded.

(2) Medium-load plastic tray

It is mostly used in the storage and transportation of products in light industry such as food, postal, medical and health.

(3) Heavy duty plastic tray

Heavy-duty plastic pallets have a high load carrying capacity, and their load carrying capacity can sometimes be compared with steel or wooden pallets. Generally used in the storage and transportation of petrochemical products and heavy industrial products.


Classified by material


(1) Traditional plastic tray

(2) Built-in steel tube plastic tray.

This type of pallet is designed to improve the structure of the ordinary plastic pallet, and the embedded reinforced steel pipe is designed after being formed at a position related to the position of the dynamic load. Through this design improvement, the dynamic load and shelf load indicators of them are improved, and it achieves a high performance level on these two indicators.


The end of the article


Plastic pallets are currently popular in the logistics industry because of their convenient operation, low cost, and so on. At present, there are many types of plastic pallets in China, and each of it has its own special. The load capacity, service life and price of each type of them are completely different. The above article introduces some types of plastic trays. If you want to know more about Stackable Plastic PalletSolid Plastic Pallet Box please feel free to contact us and we will give you the most professional answers.



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