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Heavy duty fruit mesh folding pallet bin

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With the introduction of  foldable large container, fruit storage box bin, Horen makes a great contribution to the current material equipment market. The FLC enhanced features will result in dramatically improved material handling operation within your business.

Not only have we completed an extensive list of improvements, we have also made sure that our new generation of containers are compatible with most existing containers on the market.


1)Made from HDPE,acid-proof,alkail resistance,anti-corrosive,dustproof and high intensity

2)With 3 runners or 9 feet bottom, available for hand lifter and forklift, foldable, stackable

3)Be wisely use for sollid,liquid,powdery and pasty material packaging, such as Auto parts,clothing fabrics,fruit and vegetables,metal powder and so on

4)Be widely use in the filed of testile and printing,machine building,Auto parts,chemical industry,food,pharmaceutical medical,warehouse.The supermarket stores,plantation industry and the aquaculture industry and etc.


1) Service life is 10 times longer than wooden cantainers

2) Much lighter than wooden and steel cantainers,so they are efficient in the process of transport and store

3) Recyclable and washable

4) Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS16949 and food grade certificate

If the heavy duty food grade collapsible plastic pallet bin caters to your requirement, welcome to wholesale the quality products made in China at cheap price from our factory. We're one one of the leading Collapsible and Returnable Bins manufacturers and suppliers in China, taking Indonesia as main market. Please be free to enjoy our quality products and good service.



We have built a professional Q C team to accurately inspect every raw material and every process of production.





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