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Do you know what types of Food Grade Plastic Pallets are available?

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Do you know what types of Food Grade Plastic Pallets are available?

Food grade plastic pallets are trays for food. It has the advantages of safety, hygiene, beauty, no nail thorn, tasteless, non-toxic, easy to clean and disinfect, corrosion-resistant, mildew-free, non-combustible, etc. It meets the national food hygiene inspection standards and is recognized by the import and export customs and quarantine bureaus of various countries. It belongs to the world's green environmental protection products, and is exempt from inspection. So do you know what types it has? Next, let's introduce the types.


List of this article:


  • What is its definition?

  • What types are it divided into?

  • What is its processing and forming principle?

  • What are its characteristics?

  • In conclusion


What is its definition?


Food plastic pallets are trays for food. It has the advantages of safety, sanitation, beauty, no nails, no smell, no toxicity, easy cleaning and disinfection, corrosion resistance, non-stickiness, non-combustion, etc. It conforms To the national food hygiene inspection standards and has been approved by the import and export customs and quarantine bureaus of various countries. Green products, import and export exemption.


What types are it divided into?


In terms of specifications, food plastic pallets are divided into two types: double-sided plastic trays and single-sided plastic trays. Both sides can be divided into flat type and mesh type; single side also has two types of flat and mesh, but there are also subdivision levels, which are divided into nine-legged trays, Tianzi-type trays, and Sichuan-type trays.


From the type of use can also be divided into shelf-type plastic pallets, ground-turning plastic pallets, stacking plastic pallets and so on.


What is its processing and forming principle?


The first is injection molding.

The plastic tray molded by injection molding is flat, smooth, crisp and compact, and has large freedom in product design. They are divided into single-sided food plastic trays and double-sided food plastic trays.


The second is extrusion-hollow blow molding.

Extrusion-hollow blow molding of plastic trays is similar to the general blow molding method of hollow products, and due to its large size and double-sided type, larger extruders, mold closing machines and molds are required.


The third method is vacuum forming.

It produced by this method are also available in single-sided and double-sided.


The fourth is extrusion molding.

The pallets produced by this method are all assembled.


What are its characteristics?


1. Deflection force: Instantaneous deflection force can prevent goods on the forklift lifting pallet from spreading out;

2. Bending: After the plastic pallet is placed on the shelf, the bending degree will gradually increase, and the bending degree of the automatic warehouse cannot exceed 10 mm;

3. Impact resistance and durability;

4. Availability: light weight, simple operation, easy access to forklift and stable size.


In conclusion


Plastic pallets shall be protected from the sun to avoid aging and shorten service life. It is strictly forbidden to throw goods into it from a high place. Reasonably determine the stacking mode of goods in the pallet. Place the goods evenly, do not stack them in a centralized way, and stack them eccentrically. Pallets carrying heavy loads shall be placed on flat surfaces or surfaces of objects. It is forbidden to throw plastic tray from a high place, so as to prevent the tray from being broken due to violent impact.


Food grade plastic pallets can be divided into many types, and it is most important to choose the right one according to your needs. Although it has many advantages, it still needs to pay attention to some problems when using it. we also produce industrial plastic pallet, big plastic garbage bin and so on. If you want to know that you can read other articles, or if you have any questions, please feel free to consult us.




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