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  • Do you know what types of Food Grade Plastic Pallets are available?
    Food grade plastic pallets are trays for food. It has the advantages of safety, hygiene, beauty, no nail thorn, tasteless, non-toxic, easy to clean and disinfect, corrosion-resistant, mildew-free, non-combustible, etc. It meets the national food hygiene inspection standards and is recognized by the import and export customs and quarantine bureaus of various countries. It belongs to the world's green environmental protection products, and is exempt from inspection. So do you know what types it has? Next, let's introduce the types.
  • How to choose a better plastic pallet?
    Plastic pallets​ are favored by more and more industries with their own advantages. Plastic pallets have also become an important tool for modern transportation, packaging, warehousing and product export. In order to cope with the development, plastic pallet manufacturers continue to emerge, facing the variety of plastic pallets on the market, the choice also makes everyone difficult? So how do you choose a plastic tray? Don't worry, after reading the following, you will not be guilty of choice.
  • How to check the quality of plastic pallet?
    Whether it's steel pallets or plastic pallets, many industries are inseparable from them, and the importance of pallet packaging can be imagined. Many customers have discovered, or have experienced, the smell of plastic trays. In fact, cheap plastic trays will emit more or less unpleasant tastes, mainly from its materials. . According to the smell of the plastic tray to distinguish the quality of the tray, the smell of the plastic tray is largely related to its material, and of course it will have a certain impact during the processing. So how do you tell the quality of plastic pallets?
  • How many types do plastic euro pallets have?
    Plastic euro pallets are one of the most popular types of plastic pallets, so what are their advantages over other similar products? What are the different types of plastic pallets?
  • Are big plastic garbage bin environmentally friendly?
    large plastic trash cans can be said to be one of the daily necessities that can be seen everywhere in life, so what are the advantages of plastic trash cans? Is the environmental impact of large plastic trash cans good?
  • What can industrial pallets be used to do?
    Although you may not have seen industrial plastic pallets in real life, they can be used in almost any industry. What is the purpose of industrial plastic pallets? When will industrial plastic pallets be needed?
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