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How to check the quality of plastic pallet?

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How to check the quality of plastic pallet?

Whether it's steel pallets or plastic pallets, many industries are inseparable from them, and the importance of pallet packaging can be imagined. Many customers have discovered, or have experienced, the smell of plastic trays. In fact, cheap plastic trays will emit more or less unpleasant tastes, mainly from its materials. . According to the smell of the plastic tray to distinguish the quality of the tray, the smell of the plastic tray is largely related to its material, and of course it will have a certain impact during the processing. So how do you tell the quality of plastic pallets?



What is it?

What are the main uses of its raw materials?

How to tell if it is good or bad?

The end of the article

What is it?


Plastic pallet is a loading and unloading pad composed of loading surface and forklift socket, which is used for loading and unloading, transporting, storing and distributing goods. It is the most inconspicuous but ubiquitous logistics tool in the logistics industry, and is the main means Of transforming static commodities into dynamic commodities.


What are the main uses of its raw materials?


Its raw materials are mainly PE and PP. However, in terms of performance, PE is slightly better than PP. Therefore, its price is also higher. However, regardless of the temperature range, it is 60 to 80 degrees. If the temperature is higher than 80 degrees, then it is better to use steel trays because plastic trays are prone to problems.


How to tell if it is good or bad?


1. Aging resistance. It is necessary to see whether the import improver is used in the product manual, and whether or not the anti-UV absorbent is added to the raw material (generally known after use).

2. Fire resistance. The materials used require excellent fire-extinguishing properties, and are not self-igniting or combustion-supporting.

3. Insulation. The thermal conductivity of plastics is low, and the heat insulation effect is better than 12.50 times that of aluminum. It still has good air tightness in cold regions of minus tens of degrees.

4. Impact resistance. The main test is how much the product can withstand. Profiles can withstand 1kg at -10 degrees.

5. Corrosive. It is not affected by any acid or alkali magnets and is not affected by waste and hydrochloric acid.

6. Anti-theft. It is a well-configured metal component and is designed with a glass bead in the room.

7. Maintenance. Mainly check the product's erosion and discoloration, use any cleaning agent to clean the dirt, whether it is as white as ever.

8. Air tightness. Is there a rubber seal that meets the specifications at each slot?

9. Water tightness. The watertightness should meet the requirements of DIDN8055, and the water absorption rate is less than 0.%. The design should have a flashing board and a drainage slot to completely isolate the rainwater from the outside.


The end of the article


Learn how to distinguish the quality of it, then use well and pay attention to a lot of problems in order to make it play the most important role. We need to evenly force it when it is placed to avoid damage; when placing the goods, place it evenly to avoid side smashing; understand its size and fork size so as not to damage it. There is still a lot to be aware of, if you need to know, you can always contact us. Plastic pallets can also be divided into many categories, such as food plastic trays, plastic trays for export, and we also produce plastic euro palletsfolding plastic pallet boxes . If you need it, feel free to ask us.




We have built a professional Q C team to accurately inspect every raw material and every process of production.





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