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How to choose a better plastic pallet?

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How to choose a better plastic pallet?

Plastic pallets are favored by more and more industries with their own advantages. Plastic pallets have also become an important tool for modern transportation, packaging, warehousing and product export. In order to cope with the development, plastic pallet manufacturers continue to emerge, facing the variety of plastic pallets on the market, the choice also makes everyone difficult? So how do you choose a plastic tray? Don't worry, after reading the following, you will not be guilty of choice.


How to choose a plastic tray:


Specification size selection

Single and double sided selection

Specification size selection


Specification size selection


1. The size and size of the package and the way it is placed on the plastic tray.


2. The condition of the pallet loading tool (such as containers, trucks, etc.). For example, if it is a round-trip or one-time use, it is necessary to give priority to the integration of the shipping container width of 2300mm. For the 1200*1000mm pallet, the combination of the length of 1200mm and the width of 1000mm must be selected. For the 1200*800mm tray, the two groups are placed side by side in the direction of 800mm width. For the 1100*1100mm tray, the width of 1100mm can be placed in 2 columns, 2-way fork or 4-way fork.


3. If you use it on the warehouse shelf, you should consider the width of the shelf and the size of the depth. Usually, two pallets are placed for each cargo space on each floor of the selected shelf, and an access space of about 200 mm is reserved. Try to give a large size in the depth direction, so that it does not create demanding requirements for the carrying capacity of the plastic pallet to save procurement costs.


4. If used on the shelves of automated warehouses, in addition to meeting the above requirements, the slip factor of the pallet, the fit of the bottom of the pallet with the chain conveyor, the height of the fork, the load capacity of the upper shelf, the amount of permanent deformation, and the length of the pallet are also considered. Factors such as the degree of deflection of the face, the position of the bar code, and the placement of the RFID chip.


5. The size of the plastic tray should also be considered for versatility. At present, the commonly used sizes in China are 1210 international standard type, 1208 European standard type and T11 Japanese standard type tray.


Single and double sided selection


1. One-sided plastic tray can only be used on one side. The surface has two types: grid and plate, and the bottom has Sichuan, Tian or nine-legged shapes. It is divided into shelf series, standard series and ultra-light series according to the load capacity and different use occasions.


2. Double-sided plastic pallet means that the front and back surfaces of the pallet have the same structure, and the surface has two types of grid shape and flat plate shape. Both surfaces can be exchanged for use. According to the load capacity and Different usage occasions, the pallet can be divided into shelf series and standard series.


3. The choice of single-sided pallet or double-deck pallet shall be determined according to the corresponding storage, loading and unloading handling equipment and status (such as warehouse type, shelf type, stacking or placing status, etc.).


4. For autostereoscopic storehouses or high-level shelves with a small floor area, where stackers or electric forklifts are primarily used for vertical transportation, single-sided shelf series trays and double-sided shelf series trays can be selected.


5. If the load on the stereoscopic warehouse or shelf reaches 1T and the shelf is not paved, it is recommended to use the shelf tray with built-in steel tubes. The steel-plastic structural tray with built-in steel pipes effectively solves the Old problems that the heavier the load on the upper shelf, the greater the product weight and the higher the cost. More importantly, the rigidity of square steel pipes with a wall thickness of about 2mm is utilized to meet the strict requirement that the horizontal and Vertical deflections of the upper shelf (stereoscopic warehouse) are less than or equal to ≤10mm, and at the same time the vast deformation is reduced and the cost is reduced.


For the occasion of the bottom of the pallet coincides with the top of the goods below, it, the manual hydraulic pallet truck is used for transportation, single-sided pallet is suitable. Is preferably to use a single-sided pallet of double-deck pallet or Tian Zi bottom type. If it is transported by a self-propelled motorized pallet truck, it is suitable to use a nine-legged single-sided pallet with no connecting strip At the bottom.


Bearer requirements


1. One-sided plastic tray can only be used on one side. The surface has two types: grid and plate, and the bottom has Sichuan, Tian or nine-legged shapes. It is divided into shelf series, standard series and ultra-light series according to the load capacity and different use occasions.


2. Static load refers to the maximum weight that the bottom plastic pallet can bear in the stack.


3. Shelf carrying refers to the maximum weight allowed when placing the goods packaged on the plastic pallet on the shelf. Be sure to pay attention to the difference between dynamic load, static load, shelf load and vertical load. The difference of load capacity is closely related to shelf structure, ambient temperature and storage cycle. Generally, the heavy-duty pallet can bear 0.7T-1T on the beam type shelf, and the standard pallet bears 0.4T-0.6T.


4. Shelf bearing has certain requirements for the permanent deformation and deflection of the plastic pallet. The national standard of deflection is 30 mm, but this is wide. We recommend using plastic trays with a deflection of no more than 20mm on the shelves. If it is an auto-stereoscopic warehouse, the requirements for deflection should be stricter, and it is generally required to be within 10mm.


To sum up


I believe that everyone should know how to choose a better plastic tray according to the above. We can provide you with collapsible plastic pallet box, industrial plastic pallet , stackable plastic pallets and more. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.



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