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How many types do plastic euro pallets have?

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How many types do plastic euro pallets have?

Plastic euro pallets are one of the most popular types of plastic pallets, so what are their advantages over other similar products? What are the different types of plastic pallets?


What is a plastic euro pallet?

Various types of plastic pallets

What are the advantages of plastic euro pallets?


What is a plastic euro pallet?

Plastic euro pallets are standard size pallets used for safe and efficient transportation of products throughout Europe. Companies all over the world that import goods from Europe also have demand for euro pallets, because it is quite easy and quick for importing companies to choose European plastic pallets, because the goods do not need to be repackaged when they arrive. plastic euro pallets are easy to move in the warehouse because they are compatible with all standard handling equipment, which increases productivity and reduces costs. Due to the high quality of euro pallets, they are very durable and can be reused again and again. euro pallets made of plastic have many advantages over pallets made of wood. They are waterproof, insect-proof and mildew-proof, so no treatment is required. The plastic model is very durable and can be reused. They are also easy to clean, making them more suitable for hygiene requirements, including the food and pharmaceutical industries. plastic pallets can be made from recycled components, or they can be recycled by themselves when they are no longer needed.


Various types of plastic pallets

1. Euro pallets are the standard size of pallets that are used to transport goods throughout Europe. Many companies will also use them when looking for imported goods outside the mainland. For importing companies, this makes it quite quick and easy, because there is no need to repackage the goods on euro pallets when they arrive in Europe. With standard equipment, euro pallets are also easier to transport and move in the warehouse. This reduces transportation costs and increases productivity. euro pallets can be reused and manufactured with high quality, making them extremely durable. They are available in four different sizes: EUR / EUR1: 800 x 1200mm; EUR2: 1200 x 1000mm; EUR3: 1000 x 1200mm; Euro 6: 800 x 600mm.

2. Standard plastic pallets measure 1200mm X 1000mm. According to customer requirements, they have various specifications and designs. They can be produced as a lighter budget option, as well as heavy and rugged models for heavier loads stored in higher rack locations. The light models are designed to be stacked on top of each other, saving space when they are not in use. Standard pallets made of plastic can be specially designed for hygienic environments. This makes them suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene standards are very strict. When the restrictions of euro pallets are not required, standard pallets can be used to transport goods worldwide.

3. For customers who need to produce different sizes of pallets of various specifications, there are non-standard models. These have the same advantages as standard pallets, but there are no size restrictions. This makes them more suitable for companies with smaller storage needs. Instead of using a lot of blank space, use a smaller model. They are also beneficial for companies that lack storage space, as the pallet can be more closely matched to the available area so that it fits the space.


What are the advantages of plastic euro pallets?

1. Waterproof, easy to clean and wash. Since the non-porous surface of the plastic euro pallet can resist acid, fat and odor, it has a higher hygiene standard. The smooth surface and no dead ends means no accumulation of moisture, dust or liquid. The risk of cross contamination is reduced, which makes it an ideal tray for sanitary areas and clean rooms.

2. The surface of the plastic euro pallet is designed to prevent slippage even when wet to ensure that the raw materials are safely transported along the supply chain to the manufacturer and finished products. Maximize the use of top deck space to make full use of pallets, thereby reducing transportation costs.

3. plastic euro pallets are optimized for strength and can safely handle heavy loads. There are no nails, sharp edges or chips, so there is no risk of loose parts. Improve conditions for load integrity throughout the supply chain. One-piece injection molding with strong structural integrity requires little maintenance.

4. Plastic euro pallets are fully compatible with crates and pallets, providing a complete plastic system. Can be used with all standard handling equipment. Four-way entry allows easy entry from multiple sides.

5. The dimensional accuracy of plastic pallets makes them suitable for automated production, packaging and storage processes, thereby minimizing product damage and reducing downtime. Each pallet is carefully inspected and repaired to provide improved health and safety conditions.


Clean and environmentally friendly plastic euro pallets are always welcomed by the factory logistics industry. If you are looking for high-quality plastic euro pallets, Ground Use Plastic Pallet, Food Grade Plastic Pallet at reasonable prices, Enlightening Pallet Industry Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best products.



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