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What can industrial pallets be used to do?

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What can industrial pallets be used to do?

Although you may not have seen industrial plastic pallets in real life, they can be used in almost any industry. What is the purpose of industrial plastic pallets? When will industrial plastic pallets be needed?


What is the purpose of industrial plastic pallets?

When will industrial plastic pallets be needed?

What are the advantages of industrial plastic pallets?


What is the purpose of industrial plastic pallets?

Industrial plastic pallets are a special addition to any business that requires a lot of transportation. Not only are they sturdy and reliable, they are also very suitable for quickly transporting large quantities of products at once. foldable industrial plastic pallets are ideal for moving onto trucks or trains in rapid succession. Compared with wooden pallets, they have a much wider variety. There are rackable or stackable trays that can be optimized for easy storage. Even quick-locking models can be placed side by side with each other to create custom-sized pallets and flame-retardant pallets, foldable plastic pallets are ideal for high-temperature environments. Not to mention the wood stored in plastic pallets, otherwise it will be wasted after only a few uses. In general, you will find that the service life of plastic pallets is longer than that of ordinary wooden pallets.


Because the traditional wooden pallets are expensive and the handling costs continue to increase, it becomes more economical to use stronger, reusable industrial plastic pallets, which can withstand one, two or more service lives. If your business involves food processing or transportation to and from overseas, plastic pallets can provide a more hygienic solution. In the end, this will also bring you better business because they can withstand weight for longer periods of time and are more acceptable than their wooden cousins for international transportation. If your business needs a lot of transportation, please consider what benefits plastic pallets can bring you. There are various possible signs to pay attention to, which can indicate that it is time to switch.


When will industrial plastic pallets be needed?

1. Your application has hygiene requirements.

2. The cost of pallet replacement and disposal is high or increasing.

3. Your expendable packaging costs are high.

4. Tray fragments and protruding nails are a problem.

5. Unqualified pallets are a common cause of equipment blockage.

6. Pallet repair is becoming your second business.

7. Due to insect problems, imported goods were delayed.

8. Your pallet costs are increasing.


What are the advantages of industrial plastic pallets?

1. Economical-In a closed loop system, industrial plastic pallets require a lot of travel before being recycled. Based on the one-way cost, they can save a lot of money compared to wood planks. They quickly realized their initial investment and continued to perform well in their lifetime.

2. Ergonomics-industrial plastic pallets provide safe and comfortable handling solutions, which can improve the safety of the workplace. They are dimensionally stable, weight stable and non-porous. In some cases, foldable industrial plastic pallets are lighter than wood, and the smooth contour structure is free of nails, debris and rust.

3. Environmental protection-using plastics can preserve natural resources while reducing waste. Wooden pallets consume precious natural resources. Up to 10 million trees are cut down each year to produce planks. After decommissioning, the wooden pallets will be sent to the landfill. plastic pallets have a longer service life and can be recycled into other useful products at the end of their service life.

4. Due to the durability of the plastic tray, stable support and smooth molded design, product damage is reduced. They will not deform, shrink or change quality over time.

5. Reduce workplace injuries-industrial plastic pallets are light in weight and easy to handle. There are no debris, nails, broken boards, etc. to handle.

6. Improved sanitation-most chemicals, etc. will not damage the integrity of plastic trays, they do not absorb water or promote the growth of mold, mildew or fungi. Plastic trays will not contain insects. Please approve these plastic export trays for export.


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