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How to make and recycle plastic pallets?

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How to make and recycle plastic pallets?

The plastic tray is made of high-strength material, light in weight, easy to use, with antiskid function. It is mainly used in the service industry. In addition, the plastic pallet  structure design is reasonable and the use is more standardized. New plastic pallet can be used for 8 to 10 years under normal use. But how is it made? So how do you recycle it in order to adapt to global trends and protect the environment?


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How to make a plastic tray?

How to recycle plastic pallets?

In conclusion


How to make a plastic tray?


1. Injection molding method.


The tray products produced by the injection molding method are flat, smooth, crisp, compact, and have a large degree of product design freedom, and are divided into a double-sided integral plastic pallet and a double-sided assembled plastic pallet. The double-sided integral tray generally has a weight of more than 15 kg/block, and the shape is relatively complicated, requiring an injection molding machine with a clamping force of more than 2,500 tons. The double-sided assembled tray is divided into upper and lower two-piece trays, which are respectively assembled by injection molding.


2. Extrusion - hollow blow molding.


The is similar to the general blow molding method for hollow products. Because of its large volume and double-sided shape, it needs a large extruder, a mold closing machine and a mold. At present, domestic hollow molding machine manufacturers have developed a large Hollow molding machine, which is specially used for high-speed production of high-strength blow molding trays. Made of HMWHDPE high strength plastic, it has fast forming speed, good product quality, high strength, high rigidity and long service life.


3. Vacuum plastic forming method.


There are also two kinds of vacuum of it: one side and two sides. Single side blister tray is mainly used for packaging and transportation of small motors and wire reels. It develops rapidly and is mainly used for special purpose. The double-sided blister tray is completely assembled. This method requires the production of large-scale vacuum plastic suction equipment, with low equipment cost and low mold cost, but the product wall thickness is uneven.


4. Extrusion molding method.


It produced by this method are all assembled. The slats for the upper and lower panels and the I-shaped connecting plates with the compound wings for connection support are respectively extruded by using an extruder, a machine head, and the like, and then assembled.


How to recycle plastic pallets?


Disposable plastic pallets will be included in the management of disposable plastic lunch boxes, that is, in accordance with the provisions of the Interim Measures for the Management of Disposable Plastic Lunch Boxes. The relevant departments will establish it recycling network and require the sales unit to pay the recycling fee. Units that produce and sell disposable of it may organize recycling trays, but they should be sent to the designated place of the city appearance and environmental sanitation bureau, and cannot be discarded arbitrarily.


In conclusion


Plastic pallets play an important role as an integral part of the warehousing and logistics industry. If it is used in accordance with the correct use of the specification, not only can it fully play its role, but it can also extend its service life and reduce its procurement cost. It can also be divided into Export Use Pallet, Ground Use Plastic Pallet and so on. We need to comply with the requirements of the times and constantly develop new products. At the same time, we must also protect the environment and carry out environmental protection measures. If you need it, feel free to contact us.



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