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Heavy duty single faced pallet Features and advantages

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Heavy duty single faced pallet Features and advantages

Heavy duty single faced pallet are used on different type of rackings, such as drive-in racking, cantilever racking, automatic 3D racking etc. Certainly, it could be used on flat ground also.


The rack plastic pallets have the feature of heavy load capacity, in general, the dynamic load could reach 1.5 tons and static load up to 6 tons, rack load could reach 0.8~1 ton.


The rack plastic pallets have three types, grid six runners, grid three runners, flat top three runners, grid six runners etc. They could meet various customers' needs and demands. But grid three runners is the most popular.

Features and advantages:

1. Professional design, reasonable structure, huge loading, non-slip process and stable stacking.

2. Four-way forklift entry, easy to operate, convenient for transport of the goods.

3. Full specifications for factories, warehouses, stores, garages, shelves or other places.

4. No nails or thorns, no damage to the goods during package.

5. Resistant to acid, alkali, moisture or corrosion; applicable in a variety of special occasions.

6. Anti-moth, free fumigation, reducing cargo export procedures and costs, accelerating cash flow, enhancing competitiveness.

7. Certain chemicals added to the materials to improve the features of the pallet for different application.

8. Tasteless and non-toxic, having no pollution on goods such as food, helping to improve warehouse environment.

9. Easy to print such as client’s logo for recognizing or advertising.


Name Molded 4000kgs Heavy Duty Nestable Rack Use Industrial Plastic Pallets
Bottom Type 3-Skids
Deck Type Grid
Handlift Entry 4-way
Forklift Entry 4-way
Material HDPE, environment, recyclable.
Built-in Steel Tube Optional
Dimensions L1200*W1000*H150mm
Loading Static:4T / Dynamic:1T / Rack:0.8T
Package In bulk
Advantages Cost effective, excellent durability, long life-span, hygiene, erosion resistance, washable and recyclable.
Remark We have kinds of plastic pallet, 9-feet, 3-skids, cross base, double-faced, If this item isn’t suitable for you, please inform us your requirements, then we will recommend some items for your reference.




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