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How to properly and safely sterilize plastic pallets?

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How to properly and safely sterilize plastic pallets?

Ensuring that the plastic trays are properly cleaned is a fairly simple task. However, ensuring that plastic pallets are properly sterilized can be trickier. There are now a variety of shapes and sizes, with many corners and seams that make them difficult to clean. One of the main advantages of using plastic pallets is how strong they are. This allows for a more powerful cleaning process, which can include jet cleaning and detergents, etc. But what is the best way to sanitize your tray?


Content list:


What do I need to prepare?

How to clean?

How to disinfect?



What do I need to prepare?


It is important to evaluate your tray before cleaning the plastic tray. If it doesn't have too many unusual bumps, clumps, cracks and edges, proper cleaning is much easier. After you have evaluated your pallet, it is important to consider what your purpose is to clean the pallet. For example, disinfecting, rather than cleaning, food grade plastic pallets requires a very different approach. Disinfection means ensuring that all microorganisms on the tray are completely eradicated. For food, this must be done without the use of bleach or other harmful chemicals that may contaminate the food.


In order to properly sterilize the tray, it is necessary to understand the appropriate disinfection solution and be able to use the appropriate equipment. The shape and material will determine if it is easier to clean the tray itself. Therefore, it is often much easier to leave the disinfection process to third parties.


How to clean?


If your ordinary plastic tray is only contaminated with some dust, the best way to clean it is to move the plastic tray to an empty place, next to a tap water pipe, and then flush the plastic pallet with clean water.


When the surface of the plastic pallet we use has very difficult to remove stains, use a suitable cleaning agent, first wash it with a brush or a rag until the stain is separated from the surface of it, then rinse off with water.


When there are many square holes on the surface of our plastic tray, the cleaning work may become more difficult. The best way is to use a soft brush and some detergent. Warm the water, so it will be much more effective to clean. We can also use it with a grid to soak in the cleaning solution for a while, then brush it, brush it and rinse it with water.


How to disinfect?


In order for your tray to be truly sterilized, two things must be done: it must be treated with a substance that has been proven to kill a certain percentage of microbial life for a certain period of time. The tray must also be treated for a specified period of time and must not be exposed to microorganisms anyway after treatment. It is important to remember that if the sterilization tray is placed in an unsterile area, the tray can no longer be considered sterilized. This is one of the main problems companies and supply chains face when trying to clean their own pallets.




Disinfected plastic pallets can be cleaned by outsourcing to companies that specialize in cleaning pallets. By using energy-efficient machines with higher capacities, these companies can more easily clean, dry and store your pallets. Finally, provide your company with a properly sterilized tray. If you are interested in plastic pallets, Export Use Pallet, Ground Use Plastic Pallet feel free to ask us.



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