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Six ways to properly use the Plastic Pallet Box

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Six ways to properly use the Plastic Pallet Box

Some people bought plastic pallets box at a very expensive price, but it took less than a year, so they stole in your heart. The plastic cardboard in your home is parallel. Is it really parallel? Actually it is not necessarily. Why is the same plastic pallet box, others can use it for a few years, you have used less than a year, have you thought about why? Here is how to use the plastic pallet box.


Six ways to properly use the Plastic Pallet Box:


1. Can not exceed the load quality of it

2. Plastic palletizing goods

3. Plastic card board to hold goods in a fixed way

4. Plastic card board for cargo protection and reinforcement

5. Precautions for using plastic pallets with forklifts, shelves, etc.

6. Different plastic card boards for different environments


Can not exceed the load quality of the plastic pallet box


Under normal circumstances, the dynamic load of the Tianzi type and the Sichuan type plastic card board is 0. 8T~1.5T, the static load is 4T, and the dynamic load of the nine-legged plastic card board is 0.4T~0.8T, in order not to The plastic card board is bad and guarantees the safety during transportation. The weight of the loaded goods cannot exceed the load of the plastic card board.


Plastic palletizing goods


According to the type of goods, the quality of the goods carried on the plastic pallet and the size of the plastic pallet, it is reasonable to determine the way the goods are placed on the plastic pallet. The load-bearing surface area utilization rate of the plastic card board should generally be not less than 80%.


Plastic card board to hold goods in a fixed way


The goods carried by the plastic card board are mainly fixed by strapping, gluing, pulling and pulling, and can be used together.


Plastic card board for cargo protection and reinforcement


After the goods carried by the plastic pallets are fixed, they still cannot meet the transportation requirements. The protective reinforcement attachments should be selected according to the needs. Reinforced protective accessories are made of paper, wood, plastic, metal or other materials.


Precautions for using plastic pallets with forklifts, shelves, etc.


1. In the process of using plastic pallet box for hydraulic vehicles and forklifts, the distance between the forks should be as wide as possible to the outer edge of the fork of the plastic pallet. The depth of the fork should be greater than 2/3 of the depth of the entire plastic pallet.


2. During the movement of the plastic truck and the forklift, the hydraulic truck and the forklift should maintain the uniform speed forward and backward and up and down to avoid damage to the plastic pallet caused by the sudden brake and rapid turn, causing the cargo to collapse.


3. When the plastic card board is on the shelf, the plastic card board should be placed on the shelf beam to be placed smoothly. The length of the plastic card board should be more than 50mm of the outer diameter of the shelf beam.


Different plastic card board for different environments


In the case of plus or minus 40C, polypropylene which cannot be made of polypropylene is not resistant to low temperatures. If you need to put the plastic pallet box on the shelf in the cold storage, it is best to use double-sided plastic card. If the goods are not so heavy, you can choose the word or the Sichuan plastic card. Another: use in low temperature environment, practice has proved that modified polypropylene can be fully qualified. The modified polypropylene is a high temperature incomplete polymerization product of polyethylene and polypropylene. He combines the arbitrariness of polyethylene, polypropylene's low temperature resistance, stable physical properties, and resistance to wear and tear. It is generally recommended to use this material in large chemical companies, such as low temperature cold storage.


I learned how to use plastic pallet boxes. I believe that you must learn these things. You can always find out about our company's products. In addition to this, we also have Food Grade Plastic Pallet, Collapsible Plastic Pallet Box, and so on. You are welcome to come to know.






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