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1200x1000 Heavy Duty Hdpe Stackable Plastic Pallet

size 1200x1000x150mm
weight 20.5 kg
static load 6t, dynamic load 1.5t
4 way for forklift
150 pcs/ 20GP, 367 pcs/ 40HQ
  • 1210WSB
  • ENL
  • 3923900000

                                                  Durable rackable plastic pallet

Pallets made of plastic. Plastic pallets are more widely used in Europe than in the rest of the world. Plastic pallets are often chosen over traditional wood pallets because they offer benefits which wood can not. Some benefits over wood include the ability to easily sanitize plastic pallets, resistance to odor, longer service life span, and lighter weight, thus saving transportation and labor costs.

stackable plastic pallet

item rackable plastic pallet
material hdpe
weight  20.5kg
size  1200x1000x150mm
static load  5t
dynamic load 


Lately Schoeller Arca Systems (World Largest Manufacter of edge-rackable plastic pallets) created a plastic pallet with built-in track and trace system by using an RFID tracking system

stackable plastic pallet

The single face plastic pallet with steel bars, is suitable for rackable use, such s tobacco, chemical industry, packaging, supermarket etc with ISO SGS certificate

Manufactured using a high quality plastic injection moulding process with food grade plastic

Chamfered venting on base and side panels ensures protection of produce whilst providing heightened air flow

double face plastic pallet

Fast and easy assembly reducing labour costs and handling

Light weight with foldable sides with 3-into-1 fold down ratio increasing transport load efficiencies

Easy to clean and impervious to moisture for higher hygiene standards

Compatible with automated bin tippers

double face plastic pallet

Racking locators ensure stability when racked improving operational safety

Easily stackable when loaded or folded improving storage efficiency

In-mould label holders for fast and easy product identification

Absence of nails and wooden boards ensures minimal damage to product and an improved OH&S environment






We have built a professional Q C team to accurately inspect every raw material and every process of production.





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