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What is the carrying capacity of the plastic pallet?

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What is the carrying capacity of the plastic pallet?

As a carrier unit for logistics and distribution, plastic pallets have become very common. Its irreplaceability is obvious to everyone. However, some people are not very clear about the plastic tray, and it is doubtful about its load capacity. In fact, different plastic pallets will have different load capacity, or you should choose the products that suit you according to your needs. Next, let's take a look at the load capacity of different plastic pallets.


The content list of the article:


  • What is the load capacity of it?

  • How to use it correctly?

  • Conclusion


What is the load capacity of it?


The load capacity of plastic pallets needs to be specifically understood according to the specific type, raw materials, size and age.


1. The type of it

Plastic pallets are generally divided into Chuanzi, Jiujiao, Tianzi, double-sided and so on. As you can ask, different types of them have different loads. For example: Tianzi is mainly used for logistics, warehousing, superior carrying capacity, stackable, relatively high price, nine-legged plastic pallets will not be too high, and the price is relatively cheap. They are not as strong as the carrying capacity. The pallet load exceeds the use requirements and the price is expensive. Choosing a low-load plastic tray will reduce the service life and increase the cost of replacement.


2. Raw materials

With the same variety of plastic trays, the new material has higher bearing capacity than recycled materials, and because of the quality assurance, the service life is longer, reducing the frequency of replacement, thereby reducing expenditure. In general, when you choose it, from a long-term perspective, try to choose a new material of it.


3. Size

The size of it is also closely related to the carrying capacity. A suitable  size should be just the size of the vehicle. When choosing it, the size is suitable for use, don't be greedy. Generally, the larger the size of it, the lower the load-bearing performance.


4. The age of use

The service life of it can generally reach more than 5 years. However, if the load is overloaded and the goods exceeding the carrying capacity are stacked, it is easily damaged, which affects the bearing performance. The final recommendation is to contact customer service to explain the needs and to choose the plastic tray that is more suitable for your load-bearing capacity.


How to use it correctly?


1. They shall be protected from the sun to avoid aging and shorten the service life.


2. It is strictly forbidden to throw the goods into the plastic tray from a high place. Reasonably determine the stacking mode of goods in the pallet. The goods shall be placed evenly, and shall not be stacked in a centralized way or in an eccentric way. Pallets for handling heavy objects shall be placed on flat surfaces or on the surface of objects.


3. It is forbidden to throw plastic tray from a high place, so as to prevent the tray from cracking due to severe impact.


4. When working on forklift or manual hydraulic truck, the fork stab shall be placed outside the fork hole of tray as far as possible. The fork shall be fully inserted into the tray, and the angle can be changed after lifting the tray stably. The fork should not touch the side of the tray to avoid cracking.


5. When the pallet is on the shelf, the shelf type pallet must be used. Its carrying capacity depends on the shelf structure and must not exceed its carrying capacity.


6. When you deal with corrosive goods, be sure to pay attention to the packaging and loading of goods to avoid pallet pollution.


7. When you use the plastic tray, try not to put it in the wet place, so as not to affect the service life of it.




There are many factors determining the load capacity of plastic pallets, and the specifics should be determined according to actual conditions. If you need Rackable Plastic PalletStackable Plastic Pallet you can contact us and we will give you a more professional recommendation according to your needs. I hope to help you.



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