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What is a plastic pallet?

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What is a plastic pallet?

With the continuous improvement of requirements on production conditions, storage conditions, process control, and quality management, plastic pallets began to appear and soon occupied a place due to the insurmountable restrictions on sanitary conditions and standardized production of wooden pallets.


It has been widely used in machinery, electronics, food, medicine, clothing, and other industries. Compared with wooden pallets, plastic pallets have good integrity, cleanliness, easy cleaning and disinfection, lightweight, no nails, acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance, and other characteristics. Its service life is 5-7 times that of wooden pallets.

The content list of this article:

  • What is a plastic pallet?

  • What are the advantages of plastic pallets?

  • Application range

  • To sum up


What is a plastic pallet?


The plastic pallet is a loading and unloading pad composed of a load surface and a forklift socket for use in loading, unloading, transporting, storing, and distributing the cargo. It is the most inconspicuous but ubiquitous logistics tool in the logistics industry, and it is the main means of converting static goods into dynamic goods. After the introduction of it, it is widely used in the logistics and transportation industry and has become an important tool in the logistics industry.


What are the advantages of plastic pallets?

It can improve working conditions and eliminate heavy manual labor.

It can greatly reduce the operation time, shorten the transportation time and increase the transportation rate of trucks.

It can rarely cause damage to goods. When handling by manpower, the goods will be scattered and damaged due to fatigue, mistakes and accidents.

It can confirm a certain quantity of cargo, prevent quantity errors during delivery, and facilitate quantity management.

It can effectively organize the storage places to implement three-dimensional storage.

It can realize three-dimensional warehouse, automatic shelf warehouse, etc. Without pallet, its function cannot be realized.

It can also realize unmanned transportation in the factory. Its corrosion resistance is difficult to compete with other materials.

Its moisture resistance is very good.

Its resistance to insects is also very good, only lower than that of steel pallets.

Its average life is comparable to that of steel pallets.

Its performance is higher than that of paper and wooden pallets.

Its price is also very advantageous, only higher than the paper tray.


However, the pallet itself has a certain weight and volume, which will generate extra weight and volume when transported together with the goods. However, this shortcoming is much smaller than its advantages, so factories, distribution warehouses and circulation centers in advanced countries in the world must use pallets.


Application range


The fields used are very wide: for example, food, medicine, chemical, fertilizer, tobacco, automotive, glass industry, printing, electronics, textiles, clothing, supermarkets, warehousing logistics, sanitation, etc., that is, there are large warehouses, automated warehouses or It is the advantage of using recycled plastic pallets in pallets where the goods are running: the cost is significantly reduced.


To sum up


The plastic pallet can be forked around, which is very convenient to operate; it is suitable for truck transportation, which facilitates the assembly and unitized transportation of materials; it can pile up in the warehouse and save a lot of space; it is safe and hygienic when used. It is insect-proof and does not need to be repaired; its anti-slip rubber with it will never slip during handling. we also provide  we also provide Plastic Pallet Box, Plastic Garbage Bin, With so many benefits, don't you really think about them? Come and contact us.



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