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Solid Plastic Pallet Bin Box For Battery Recycling

Plastic pallet box is acid-resisting and alkali-resisting. To store and transport batteries. Use with forklift and manual jacks Color can be customized
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Solid plastic pallet box is widely used in our daily life, i'd like to introduce one of its usages----for battery recycling use.

Plastic pallet bin is acid-resisting and alkali-resisting.

Rotating when usage.

Details below.

Material  hdpe
size  1200*1000*760mm
weight  34kg
dynamic load  1t
static load
color blue, green, gray
usage battery recycling, fishing, metal collection, etc

forklift use pallet container

Ever wonder what to recycle and what to just throw away in the trash? Ever wonder what all those batteries are used for after they’re recycled? Please start to use our plastic pallet boxes.

Modern day recycling began in the 1970s due to rising energy costs, but a lot of questions still remain. Our plastic pallet bin can be used to solve and supply solutions.

three skids big box

Three skids on the bottom of the plastic pallet box, these cna transport the plastic pallet bin easily and smoothly.

In an effort to reduce toxic heavy metal waste and encourage citizens to actively participate in the separate collection of garbages, a provincial city collects used commercial batteries for recycling through many solid plastic pallet boxes. 

Commercial batteries consist of heavy metals such as nickel and cadmium. South Korea encourages people to discard used batteries at designated places, but about 16,000 tons of batteries are thrown away every year to be buried or incinerated, according to the Ministry of Environment. Only about 6.9 percent is recycled, the plastic pallet box is widely used to store and transport the batteries.

Gimcheon City with a population of about 140,600, some 191 kilometers (118 miles) south of Seoul, said on August 19 that it has collected about 60,000 batteries since January this year. The city plans to collect a total of 100,000 batteries this year and use 10,000 pcs plastic pallet bins.



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