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Heavy Duty Single Deck Vented Cold Room Racking Plastic Pallet

size 1200x1000x150mm
weight 21.5 kg INC 8 steel pipes
static load 6t, dynamic load 1.5t, racking load 1.5t
4 way for forklift, 2 way for manual jack
214 pcs/ 20GP, 540 pcs/ 40HQ
  • 1210WHC

  • ENL

  • 3923900000

                                 Heavy Duty Single Deck Vented Cold Room Racking Plastic Pallet 

Heavy Duty Single Deck Vented Cold Room Racking Plastic Pallet  is made of HDPE/PP. It is tasteless and non-toxic, and have good resistance. Suitable for stacking each other in the warehouse, suitable for use on all kinds of shelves.The surface is mesh, various patterns for you to choose.

Heavy Duty Racking Plastic Pallet

Item heavy duty euro plastic pallet
size  1200x1000x150mm
material  hdpe
weight 20.5kg with 6 steel bars
static load 5t dynamic load 1.2t
rack load 1t

How to extend the plastic pallet life span?

Prohibited the plastic pallet from a high place info the falling, avold violent impact caused pallet broken, crack

When operationg with forklift/ manual/ hydraulic fork pallet fork prick holes to the entry far sides as much as possible, fork prick should be fully inserted into the inner pallet, after a smooth lift the pallet then change angle. Fork prick can not collapse the side of pallet to avoid pallet broken crack

racking plastic pallet

New plastic + elastomer anti-slip mats to help keep pallets from sliding off forks and each other during transit, and is stackable for efficient storage.

hdpe plastic pallet

Cold Room Racking Plastic Pallet  impress with their form stability, and longevity. Wastage and breakage, which are everyday events with wooden pallets, are not an issue with plastic. Precise measurements and designs create a high degree of stability in the process. 


Good hygienic performance: plastic tray has good integrity, no nails, non-toxic and tasteless, acid and alkali resistance, no sparks, can effectively prevent termite invasion, can be thoroughly cleaned and recycled!

Moreover, they can be customized for automated storage and picking systems.

cold room racking plastic pallet



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