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Food Grade Large Mesh Plastic Pallet Box

The box have been designed to accommodate the collection and storage of fresh fruit and fresh vegetable. The stacking options of the containers allow for increased volume and the smooth perforated panels provide the needed ventilation.
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food grade large pallet box

Food storage plastic pallet box Rounded corners and smoother interior surfaces results in less bruising and damage to your produce. Multiple vents in sides and base provide superior airflow so products cool faster adding valuable shelf life to your produce. 

Unique design with rounded entry has a larger forklift entry height than wooden bins, and the smooth, non-absorbent surface is not affected by dipping operations.

Item vegetable use plastic pallet box
size 1200x1000x760mm
material  hdpe
weight  33kg
static load 4t
dynamic load 1t

food grade mesh pallet box feature

1. Design of natural ventilation

2. Lid/ wheel/ Lis is avaialble

3. Four way entry 

4. Food grade, suitable for fruit & vegetable storage

mesh plastic pallet box application

The design of vegetable storage  mesh pallet container is compatible with most bin handling equipment. Unique moulded label holders for cards and tags. Small, exterior pads reduce scratches. Easy, clear ownership with identification with hot foil stamping. Comfortable handholds are built in for easy lifting and handling of bins. 

fruit use plastic pallet box

Completely solid and food grade, our pallet box mainly used for liquid(juice, oil factory) and granuel(such as original material, rice and sugar factory), also can be used for machine part storage and refuse disposal.


plastic pallet box packaging

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