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1200x1000 Large Mesh Stackable Plastic Pallet Bin

Size 1200x1000x760mm
Weight 32 kg
Volume 606L
Static load 4t, dynamic load 1t
44 pcs/ 20GP, 104 pcs/ 40HQ
  • 1210WK

  • ENL

  • 3923100090

The Plastic Bulk Containers are made of 100% high-strength modified engineering plastic by injection molding, and the service life are several times that of ordinary wooden storage and transportation boxes. They adopt various anti-skid designs such as square ribs, which can run smoothly on the assembly line. The bottom forklift hole and the bottom plane are provided with non-slip blocks, which are used to prevent slippage when the forklift is transporting equipment. They are widely used in the distribution and storage of automobiles, medicine, fruits and vegetables, and commercial circulation.

size  1200x1000x760mm weight 32 kg
volume  606L material  hdpe
load capacity

static load 4t

dynamic load 1t

load qty

44 pcs/ 20GP,

104 pcs/ 40HQ 

color  grey, blue, yellow logo silk screen printing

  1. 856Thick-wall poly ethylene (PE) material resists water, oils, acids and extreme temperatures and is easily cleaned

  2. Vertical ribs marry up to building compact and stable loads

  3. Reinforced corners and sides afford maximum protection in the most abrasive environments

  4. Allows four-way lifted by forklift trucks

  5. Ventilated models available, offering great air flow for the contents.

  6. Lids can be supplied for all sizes.

Plastic bulk containers with lid is carefully crafted from lightweight plastic, making it a great choice for moving things like warehouse items.The plastic pallet box with vented surface are made for food grade material, featuring dustproof, antibacterial and insect proof. Each unit has a capacity of 606L, and the internal dimensions are 1200L x 1000W x 760H(mm). Each unit features wide width fork entry, so user can easily move these items with a forklift.



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