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What are the styles of the Plastic Pallet Box?

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What are the styles of the Plastic Pallet Box?

The plastic pallet box is made of 100% high-strength modified engineering plastics, and its service life is dozens of times that of ordinary wooden storage boxes. The plastic card box is designed with anti-impact technology. It has high strength, good impact resistance, high endurance and long service life. Because of this, it has a service life of several dozens longer than the wooden plastic pallet box. Double, its durability, users can earn the cost of wooden plastic pallets by using three years of plastic pallets. The use of plastic pallets prevents the loss of thousands of acres of forest each year.


List of this article:

What types can it be divided into?

What are its advantages?

To sum up


What types can it be divided into?


Plastic pallet boxes are classified by structure as:

1. One-piece style (that is, the card board and the box are connected together).

2. Combination style (the bottom is the card board and the upper part is the detachable box wall).

3. Folding type, the bottom bracket and the box wall box can be connected, and the empty box can be folded inward, which greatly reduces the storage volume when empty.


One-piece plastic card box


The large plastic pallet box is made of HDPE (low pressure high density polyethylene) with high impact strength. The box body of the closed cardboard box and the grid card box adopts one injection molding technology. The product design is based on the tray and the box. It is especially suitable for forklifts and manual trucks, and the turnover is more flexible and convenient.

Large plastic closed cardboard boxes and large plastic mesh cardboard boxes can also be used according to the actual optional accessories:

Rubber wheel (generally 6 rubber wheels per cassette box for convenient and flexible movement).

(1) The card box cover (the cover is designed as a reverse button type, and the sealing is stronger. After the matching card box cover, it will not affect the stacking between the plastic card boxes and make the card box stacking better). Friendly reminder: The weight cannot be carried on the cardboard box cover.

(2) Water outlet nozzle (designed for the convenience of storing the liquid items that are easy to store when the large closed cardboard box is used to store liquids, the design is more user-friendly).


Large foldable cardboard box


The large foldable cardboard box is a logistics product designed to reduce the storage volume and logistics transportation cost when emptying the box. The folding cardboard box inherits the bearing capacity of the closed cardboard box product (moving load 1T; static load 4T) The consistent design of the material HDPE is resistant to impact by foaming. The large folding box is surrounded by four side panels of different sizes, a tray-like base and a pickup door designed on the side door. A total of twenty-one parts are assembled, and twelve pairs of molds are used.


What are its advantages?


1. The product is beautiful, environmentally friendly, durable, hard, chemically stable, non-toxic and tasteless. It is the best choice for enterprise logistics and warehousing.

2. The service life of the plastic pallet box is about 10 times longer than that of the wooden box.

3. It is much lighter than the same type of wooden box and metal box. It is integrated and has better performance in handling and transportation.

4. It can be cleaned with water at any time, which is beautiful and environmentally friendly.

5. It can be widely used for storage and turnover of liquid and powdery articles and is widely used. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries for packaging.


To sum up


The service life of it is about 10 times longer than that of wood plastic pallet box. It is much lighter than wood plastic pallet box and steel plastic pallet box, so it can be handled and transported. It can be washed with water at any time and is beautiful and environmentally friendly. It it used still has 30% usable value. Therefore, it must be very interesting for everyone to know so much. If you are interested in food grade plastic pallets and stackable plastic pallets, please feel free to consult us.



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