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One Time Light Duty Disposal Recycled Black Plastic Pallet

size 1200x1000x140mm
weight 6.2 kg
static load 1.5t, dynamic load 0.5t
4 way for forklift, 4 way for manual jack
400 pcs/ 20GP, 1018 pcs/ 40HQ
  • 1210JW
  • ENL
  • 3923900000

                         One Time Light Duty Disposal Recycled Black Plastic Pallet

We use one time plastic pallets extensively in export and import businesses. At any given point, you will want the product/item to reach its intended destination safely. A plastic pallet facilitates and simplifies loading and unloading using lifting equipment such as forklifts or jolts. There are light or monobloc type.   

disposal plastic pallet

size  1200x1000x140mm weight  6.2 kg
material  recycled hdpe load capacity

static load 1.5t

dynamic load 0.5t,


4 way for forklift

4 way for hand truck

color  black
design vented load qty

400 pcs/ 20GP

1018 pcs/ 40HQ

However, there are several aspects to consider when choosing one time use plastic pallets to export applications.

For example, will you recover the one time use plastic pallets as in the case of the closed-loop supply chain? If so, you can choose among the models with the highest performance for a longer life of the pallet. Alternatively, in plastic pallet applications where they will not be returned, consider using recycled plastic whenever possible as they are the most economical and environmentally sustainable option.

black plastic pallet

In addition, you must consider the design of the export pallets. Normally, plastic pallet designs can save a lot of space (more than 35%), especially in transport and storage when empty.

one time export plastic pallet

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