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How to choose the suitable plastic pallet for different industry uses?

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How to choose the suitable plastic pallet for different industry uses?

Plastic pallets are currently used in many industries, but the requirements for pallets vary from industry to industry. How to choose according to their own industry characteristics and product packaging at the time of purchase? At present, the most important indicators for purchasing plastic pallets are: size, carrying capacity, forklift usage, and whether it is on the shelf.Next, let's explore how to choose the right plastic tray.


Different selection indicators:


1. Size requirement

2. Carrying capacity requirements

3. Forklift use

4. Whether on the shelf

5. To sum up


Size requirement


First of all, we can see whether the size of the selected plastic tray meets our requirements. Generally, the size of the food and beverage industry is 1.2 meters*1.0 meters. In the flour, starch and other industries, the products are mostly 25kg bags. The commonly used size is 1.3. Meters *1.1 meters; the barrels of water industry commonly used 1.1 meters * 1.1 meters containing steel pipes; and chemical, fertilizer industry, because the goods are relatively heavy, commonly used 1.4 meters * 1.2 meters or 1.5 meters * 1.3 meters.


Carrying capacity requirements


Secondly, it depends on whether the load capacity of the selected pallet meets our requirements, and the load capacity is divided into dynamic load and static load. Dynamic load refers to the maximum load capacity of the pallet when the forklift is hoisted. The dynamic load of the general light series is about 0.5 tons, the dynamic load of the standard series is about 1 ton to 1.5 tons, and the dynamic load of the heavy series is about 2 tons. Static load refers to the maximum load capacity of the pallet when placed on a flat surface. The static load of a typical light series ranges from 1 ton to 1.5 tons, and the static load of a standard series ranges from 4 tons to 6 tons. The heavy-duty series has a static load of 8 tons to 10 tons.


Forklift use


In addition, consider forklift truck. If manual hydraulic forklift or manual hydraulic forklift and mechanical forklift are used, we do not need to consider double-deck pallet, because manual hydraulic forklift cannot be used with double-sided plastic pallet. If all our environments are mechanical and electric forklifts, one-sided and double-deck pallet can be used.


Whether on the shelf


Finally, we must also consider whether the plastic pallet is on the shelf. If the pallet to be used is to be used with the warehouse shelf, it should be considered whether the pallet load of the pallet meets the requirements, and also the built-in steel pipe series, because this series is specialized. Designed for the upper shelf, it is more suitable for use in a three-dimensional warehouse.


To sum up


The purchase of plastic pallets should be “only high or low”. Do not maliciously drop the pallet during use, which can increase the service life of the pallet and save the procurement cost. In general, plastic trays have a normal service life of 5-7 years. If the tray is well maintained, it can be used for 8-10 years. Compared with wooden pallets, the life of plastic pallets is 8-10 times that of wooden pallets. Plastic pallets will not be moldy, will not produce mites, will not rot, not afraid of wind and rain, and environmentally friendly and easy to clean, currently used in the pharmaceutical and food industry is more common.


If you want the quality of the required trays to be better and the service life is longer, it is best to choose the tray products produced by the new materials. Compared with the trays with the recycled materials, the new material plastic trays are filled with recycled materials. 1.5 times the product. For enterprise procurement, new material products are preferred, if you want to know more about Plastic Pallet Box, Plastic Garbage Bin, just click us!



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