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1200x1000 Cold Room Seafood Use Hdpe Solid Plastic Pallet Bins

Size 1200x1000x760mm
Weight 34 kg
Volume 606L
Static load 4t, dynamic load 1t
44 pcs/ 20GP, 104 pcs/ 40HQ
  • 1210FK

  • ENL

  • 3923100090

         1200x1000 Cold Room Seafood Use Hdpe Solid Plastic Pallet Bins

Solid Plastic Pallet Bins are made of high density polyethylene plastic for long lasting durability. It offer a four-way fork entry for greater control while handling.Can be stacked without racking for greater stability and safety.

Item solid plastic box
size 1200x1000x760mm
material hdpe
weight 34kg
static load 4t
dynamic load 1t

Solid Plastic Pallet Bins

♦ Material: HDPE

♦ Stackable and reuseable

♦ Design of natural ventilation

♦ Lid and wheel and water outlet  are available

♦ Dynamic load 1000kg, static load 4000kg in single use

♦ 3 pcs is one set, it will save much space when transporting

♦ Dimensionally stable in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +70 °C 

♦ Four ways entry and suitable for mechanical forklift and manual hydraulic vehicle

♦ The product can be used for fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products industry

Solid Plastic Pallet Bins

1.    Pallet Crate for Expanded Cut Tobacco with low price and good leakproofness

2.    Large loading and stable stacking

3.    Reasonable structure and convenient operation

4.    Full specifications to meet mass production

5.    Long service life and recyclable material

6.    High quality, professional, for special purpose

Solid Plastic Pallet Bins

7.    Good appearance, easy to clean and dry, environmental friendly

8.    No nails or thorns, no damage to the goods during package or transport

9.    Damaged plastics can be recycled as material for processing other products

10.  No combustion, no static sparks, having positive effect on warehouse fire prevention

11.  According to the client's requirements, certain elements can be added into the materials to improve the characteristics of the pallet

12. Easy to print logo, marking, etc to make advertisement

Seafood Use Hdpe Solid Plastic Pallet Bins



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