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Plastic Pallet Box

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  • What are the advantages of industrial plastic pallet?

    Every product you see in any store may be shipped on a pallet. There are many kinds of pallets, the most common are wood and plastic. So what are the advantages of industrial plastic pallets over wooden pallets? What are the uses of industrial plastic pallets and what is its development trend? Why are industrial plastic pallets more widely used?

  • What can industrial pallets be used to do?

    Although you may not have seen industrial plastic pallets in real life, they can be used in almost any industry. What is the purpose of industrial plastic pallets? When will industrial plastic pallets be needed?

  • Six ways to properly use the Plastic Pallet Box

    ​Some people bought plastic pallets box at a very expensive price, but it took less than a year, so they stole in your heart. The plastic cardboard in your home is parallel. Is it really parallel? Actually it is not necessarily. Why is the same plastic pallet box, others can use it for a few years, you have used less than a year, have you thought about why? Here is how to use the plastic pallet box.

  • What are the differences between collapsible Pallet Box and ordinary Pallet Box?

    As an indispensable part of the warehousing and logistics industry, plastic pallet box is playing an important role as the warehousing and logistics industry plays an increasingly important role in supply chain management and the Internet of Things. The correct use of it should be such that the packaging combination should be stacked on it and properly bundled and wrapped to facilitate mechanical handling and transportation, thus meeting the requirements of handling, transportation and storage. What are the differences between collapsible pallet box and ordinary pallet boxes? Next, let's analyze it.

  • What are the performance advantages of the large Plastic Pallet Box?

    Plastic pallet boxes are divided into two types: foldable cardboard boxes and ordinary cardboard boxes. It is made by injection molding of 100% high-strength modified engineering plastics, and its service life is dozens of times that of ordinary wooden storage boxes. The large plastic pallet box is made of HDPE (low pressure high density polyethylene) with high impact strength. The box body of the closed cardboard box and the grid card box adopts one injection molding technology. The product design is based on the tray and the box. It is especially suitable for forklifts and manual trucks, and the turnover is more flexible and convenient. Why is it so widely used? Next we will talk about its advantages.

  • What are the styles of the Plastic Pallet Box?

    The plastic pallet box is made of 100% high-strength modified engineering plastics, and its service life is dozens of times that of ordinary wooden storage boxes. The plastic card box is designed with anti-impact technology. It has high strength, good impact resistance, high endurance and long service life. Because of this, it has a service life of several dozens longer than the wooden plastic pallet box. Double, its durability, users can earn the cost of wooden plastic pallets by using three years of plastic pallets. The use of plastic pallets prevents the loss of thousands of acres of forest each year.

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